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Edited Clips in Avid Studio

Last post 02-06-2012, 17:59 by Wilhelm Lutersz. 3 replies.
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  •  02-06-2012, 4:23 513636

    Cool [H] Edited Clips in Avid Studio

    In Avid DV/ Express you can edit a clip in the source window insert the edited clip onto the timeline and then NAME the clip and Save it in a Bin. In Avid Studio you can Insert the edited clips onto the time line. Can you rename the clips and save it them in a special folder in the Library ? 
  •  02-06-2012, 7:39 513666 in reply to 513636

    Re: Edited Clips in Avid Studio

    Welcome to the forum

    There isn't currently a way of doing that as you have described it

    What Avid Studio has is a Scene function, where you can manually or automatically split up a clip into scenes. These scenes can them be converted into new library clips and added to a collection. A Collection is similar to a bin in Media Composer

    Unfortunately the Scene editing function doesn't use in and out markers, just a rather well hidden Split icon.

  •  02-06-2012, 7:57 513669 in reply to 513666

    Re: Edited Clips in Avid Studio

    As Jeff mentioned - you use a Collection - however the process is a little bit fiddly:
    i. First, split the source file into scenes
    ii. Then, add the wanted ones to a Collection (AS won't let you rename the scenes directly)
    iii. Then, display the contents of that Collection; once in the Collection you can rename the scenes (those names only apply within that Collection).

    But there are a couple of bugs/shortfalls that IMO limit the usefulness..:

    1. When dragged from tha Collection to the Timeline, the name you gave the scene in the Collection isn't shown (original posting here)
    2. Sorting of scenes by time/date is broken (original posting here)


  •  02-06-2012, 17:59 513806 in reply to 513636

    Re: Edited Clips in Avid Studio

    Thanks, guys, you for the prompt and lucid explanation. As Richard says it's fiddly, but it can be done - DIFFERENTLY !
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