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Pinnacle "Tab Studio" 1.0

Last post 02-06-2012, 12:04 by BARYE. 3 replies.
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  •  12-08-2011, 11:36 503148

    Pinnacle "Tab Studio" 1.0

    The existing "apps" to edit video on Android tablets are constrained by the modest two-core processors, SSM (32GB or less), 1GB RAM, and interactivity with files on micro-SD cards or other peripherals.  I don't think any operate with USB-powered external drives, or work only with FAT32 devices with their own power.  Android Movie Maker, the only Android NLE "app" I've read about, can't even split clips very well, or so I read.

    During 2012, quad-core tablet computers and iPads will begin to appear.    Some will have 64GB or even 128GB in SSM, and may have improved interaction with micro-SD or other supplementary memory.  This might allow for more video editing features; perhaps not what you expect on a desktop, but at least enough to create short 720p or even 1080i videos for upload to sharing sites.  Disk burning might not be a priority, but handy.

    A 1 LB tablet is a lot easier to lug around than a 3 LBS netbook or a 7 LBS notebook.   I'd predict that, by 2015, the migration to tablet or smart phone devices for video might be as phenomenal as that witnessed in the growth of cell phones relative to traditional land-line phones.  The things will win by being so small and light, while delegating heavy storage or tasks to "cloud" processors or servers.

    I don't know how good the iPad version of iMovie is, but the Android competition sets a very low bar to beat.  Avid could, if it wanted, capture a big share of the Android NLE app market with relatively little effort.  This might generate more sales than an effort to sell a Pinnacle Studio 16, which might inspire a few to upgrade but not much else.  Avid might prefer, for a change, to make some money. 

  •  02-02-2012, 15:40 513006 in reply to 503148

    Re: Pinnacle "Tab Studio" 1.0

    Avid has just introducted an Avid Studio "app" for iPad.

    What do buyers obtain for the modest $5 sum?  A "trailer" for the Windows AS product?  Or a super steal?  

    Time now for an Android version?  An iPad typically costs $200 more than an Android tablet with comparable specs.  Some Acer A500 Iconia tablets with 32GB SSD sell for under $350, or roughly $300 less than a comparable iPad2. 

    Hard to avoid some sense of chagrin, if Avid has diverted scarce R&D funds from PS or AS patches or upgrades for the sake of subsidizing an almost-free product for iPad users.


  •  02-06-2012, 11:14 513712 in reply to 513006

    Re: Pinnacle "Tab Studio" 1.0

    At least one competing firm will introduce an Android NLE app this year.   Another is developing a creative cloud for Android.  A third is almost there too.

    Avid has not replied to an inquiry whether it will too.  Based on its decision to offer a cheap Avid Studio app for iPad users, one might be forgiven a fear that the company wants to drive its customers to Apple products that will invariably make it more logical to use FCPX or iMovie, whose more robust iPad3 versions will be offered on seductive terms.

    Perhaps the future of Avid is to become a series of sound and video plug-ins for Apple products?



  •  02-06-2012, 12:04 513723 in reply to 513712

    Re: Pinnacle "Tab Studio" 1.0

    insightful and persuasive (as usual...)

    not that I differ with your analysis, but I wonder how much the iPad's dominant market /  mind share -- together with fractured nature of the Android OS and its hardware universe -- compelled the iOS pad choice.

    In any event -- as you know from my earlier post -- I think this app's primary purpose is to get visibility amongst the young hyper influential and tech savvy iPad user crowd -- a crowd whose members includes most tech journalists, bloggers, and reviewers 

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