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B roll cutaways?

Last post 02-20-2012, 18:19 by MonkTheDog. 5 replies.
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  •  02-04-2012, 12:13 513373

    B roll cutaways?


    Just downloaded the app and it looks great.  Wondering how I would do B roll cutaways while preserving the base clip length and base audio.


    Don W. 

  •  02-04-2012, 13:19 513388 in reply to 513373

    Re:B roll cutaways?


    To preserve the base clip lenght, cut it in 3 parts clip A. Replace the second part of clip A by clip B using "Replace : keep the duration". This way the base clip A length is preserved but the base audio is not. A workaround could be to export clip A first, separate audio and video with another software (I don't know which one) and insert audio of clip A on the audio track.

  •  02-04-2012, 18:39 513429 in reply to 513388

    Re: Re:B roll cutaways?

    Thanks.  That's what I figured out as well.  Need to separate out the clip A audio first, then add it back in.  Cutaways can be done in the Mac version of iMovie, and I hope that Avid Studio will add this as an easy function.
  •  02-06-2012, 22:19 513839 in reply to 513429

    Re: Re:B roll cutaways?

    You can also use the picture-in-picture effect to completely cover the original video, thus creating a situation where you hear the audio for the main clip and see the video for the cutaway clip.
  •  02-10-2012, 10:00 514499 in reply to 513839

    Re: Re:B roll cutaways?

    Great idea!  I will give this a go.
  •  02-20-2012, 18:19 516531 in reply to 513388

    Re: Re:B roll cutaways? (re: separating video and audio tracks)

    I would second saby's suggestion about using an app to separate audio and video.

    Haven't found anything. Does anybody know of an iOS app that will do that? 

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