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Problem with Blueray Disc

Last post 02-10-2012, 2:09 by Jacout13. 7 replies.
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  •  10-16-2011, 1:24 495519

    Problem with Blueray Disc

    I have a problem with the disc function. I want to burn a blueray disc, my format is AVCHD (Widescreen 16:9, HD 1440x1080, 25 (50i)).

    When I click "Burn disc" "make image" the rendering never stops - sometimes it stops by 47%, sometimes by 100% (without error messages!), but it never starts burning the disc - even after days of rendering!  

    Can anybody help me. My film (45 minutes) is ready, but I can't export it...

    Thanks a lot


  •  10-17-2011, 15:06 495706 in reply to 495519

    Re: Problem with Blueray Disc

    Did you update your Avid studio to 1.1??

    You can check this in the (?) icon > About 



  •  10-17-2011, 16:12 495719 in reply to 495519

    Re: Problem with Blueray Disc

    Read this on exporting large files:


    Its a bug in the system for files over 4 Gig's.....Your not going to get it done with AS.

    Hajin - read the referenced post....AS has a bug and until its fixed no is is getting files rendered larger than 4 gig.

  •  10-20-2011, 9:29 496240 in reply to 495706

    Re: Problem with Blueray Disc

    Yes, I did - and it still doesn't work!

    It stops at 90% of the disc image, sometimes even 100%, but it's never finished - and no error message ever!

    What to do? I've a big project that I have to present and I dont' get the finished video out of this program, I can't believe that AVID studio has such severe bugs!!

  •  10-20-2011, 15:05 496301 in reply to 496240

    Re: Problem with Blueray Disc


    See this wiki,,,, and  I hope this wiki is helpful for your problem....!!



  •  10-20-2011, 16:42 496311 in reply to 496301

    Re: Problem with Blueray Disc

    ...thanks, but that isn't my problem - I don't get an error message - the processing never ends...

    And by the way: When does AVID fix this problem? Exporting in a smaller format can't be a real solution - this product should work with 40 minutes AVCHD-videos!

  •  10-22-2011, 4:57 496423 in reply to 496311

    Re: Problem with Blueray Disc

    ...finally the burning of my 45 minute BD worked - with the preset "best quality" it didn't work, but with "anpassen an Disc" (adapt to disc?) it worked. Hope this helps, if someone has the same problem as me.
  •  02-10-2012, 2:09 514452 in reply to 496423

    Re: Problem with Blueray Disc


    I experienced the following with blu-ray disc : correct render with a 35 Go file (best quality), then burning is Ok. But the menus does not work correctly, the return to menu of sub-menu is only to last menu. The disc preview works fine.

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