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Workgrouping Liquid7.2?

Last post 10-12-2007, 6:11 by DStone. 4 replies.
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  •  10-10-2007, 18:24 48079

    Workgrouping Liquid7.2?

    Is it possible to have Liquid 7.2 operating on two computers with network access to the data files so I can continuie working on the edit whilst some long effect renders on the other?
  •  10-10-2007, 20:39 48117 in reply to 48079

    Re: Workgrouping Liquid7.2?

    It is possible but the question is not about the source media files alone.  You must take into consideration the render file locations.  They must match across the computers as well.

     Typically this setup is done with fiberlinked drives and not cat5 ethernet.  How are you setup now?

  •  10-11-2007, 6:30 48261 in reply to 48117

    Re: Workgrouping Liquid7.2?

    What Flip is asking about is a render farm for Liquid. And the short answer is no, Liquid doesn't support a render farm. Liquid does operate well in a workgroup environment, and if you have shared disks on a fibrechannel then you can do things like ingest on one system and start editing that material on the other while the first system is still digitizing. And you can have one system rendering a sequence while editing a different sequence on the other system (which is as close to what you want as Liquid gets).

    I think that that render farms may have been a design goal of Liquid though. The Render Manager communicates over the network, so it appears to me as if there was some thought given to having renders spread over multiple systems. But this is no more than an educated guess. 

  •  10-12-2007, 3:34 48713 in reply to 48261

    Re: Workgrouping Liquid7.2?

    Thanks gents.  Dave was exactly right, although I didn't know the technical term for a Render Farm.  As processors and systems get faster I suppose the need for such devices decreases in proportion but for now it would certainly be a great help when dealing with what for me is quite typical, a 30 minutes programme in a two PinP on a looped motion background which even with a Core 2 2.66GHz and 4Gb of RAM is still an overnight job.

    My present system, incidentally, is on a wireless network so obviously I'd need to install a fibrechannel to the other computer if I was ever to go down this route. Is the workgroup provision a part of the Liquid set up or is it an extra?



  •  10-12-2007, 6:11 48798 in reply to 48713

    Re: Workgrouping Liquid7.2?

    Liquid comes workgroup ready. It even has an intercom feature (chat with the editor in the other room). All that's really necessary to make it all work is to have shared drives. You can do this with shared drives over fibrechannel, or even a dedicated gigabit network for NAS. If using a gigabit network you really want a separate network card in each system that only connects to the NAS.
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