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HFX Creator Questions

Last post 08-05-2011, 1:18 by ghuck. 2 replies.
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  •  08-05-2011, 0:34 485538

    HFX Creator Questions

    This is a question for anyone who actually owns HFX Creator addon as I cannot find any resources anywhere on the web. The description says you can add 3D models and affect lighting, or something along those lines. What exactly does it mean by 3D models? If I make a model in say, Blender, and export it as a .obj, .3ds, or any other file type will I be able to put it into my movie using this addon? And would it be worth $39 to? Or would I be better off downloading and using Wax for my models instead?

  •  08-05-2011, 0:52 485539 in reply to 485538

    Re: HFX Creator Questions

    Hollywood FX accepts Lightwave objects only. If Blender can output lwo files then they should work in HFX.You would only have to change the extension from lwo to hfo in Hollywood FX.

    You can't animate the model in HFX. It's basically a solid object but you can move it around in X, Y, and Z space. You can also add textures, lights, etc.

    I don't know what Wax is so I can't comment on that. And only you can decide if it's worth the price. Go to the Declic site linked in my sig. They have a lot of tutorials and FAQ's you can look at. It may help you decide.They also have literally hundreds of free HFX files, many of which have custom 3D models. Many of them require you have the Pro version of HFX.

    I haven't used HFX Pro much recently but when I did use it I found it to be a very powerful tool. Most people don't give it the credit it deserves, imho.


  •  08-05-2011, 1:18 485541 in reply to 485539

    Re: HFX Creator Questions

    Blender can import LightWave objects, it cannot output them. Basically if I need to have 3D objects animated I either green screen them in blender, or bring the video into blender and then add the 3D stuff. Pro's and Con's in doing either way, but Blender 2.59 (If they get it done this week, the cut off for 2.59 add-ons is Sunday) or 2.60 gets a really good camera tracking features, and the beta builds are really impressive!.
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