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Showcenter 200 remote

Last post 07-17-2011, 20:53 by bittmann. 13 replies.
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  •  04-10-2011, 21:49 467209

    Showcenter 200 remote


    I'm in Australia...


    Are replacement remotes available for these at all?


    I was given 2 units, but no remotes...I use a Harmony 300 on it, but it is hard to control.


    Lastly, one of the units has a blown power supply...are these difficult to repair?


    Many thanks for any assistances.


  •  04-12-2011, 6:08 467511 in reply to 467209

    Re: Showcenter 200 remote

    I'm using a Harmony 300 as're right, it's a bit slow, but it does work.  If I recall correctly, I also had to tell the remote to "learn" some of the keys, so that might be kind of hard to do without a working remote.  I wonder if some of your "hard to control" is due to missing buttons?

    Yes, the PSUs do go blooie sometimes due to bad capacitors.  They aren't terribly hard to replace if you have a bit of patience.  If you do not, then buying a replacement 5v power supply should work.  See this thread and this link, for example.   I also have a PDF file stashed somewhere in which some good netizen documented their own HOWTO on replacing the caps.  I could probably find it if given time, but honestly you won't need's pretty straightforward.  (Update:  Found it -- it's still online.  Thanks, Paul!)  IF the caps on the PSU are bulging, then change 'em out (making sure to honor polarity Wink) and see what may be an easy fix.  If not, a replacement PSU isn't rocket-surgery.


  •  04-13-2011, 2:11 467746 in reply to 467511

    Re: Showcenter 200 remote

    Many thanks for the reply and associated reference data...that will definately help.


    The problem with my Harmony, is the number/alpha keys. When I press these, I only get Alpha on some, and numbers on others, so I cannot set up names via the remote or put in IP addresses for the wifi.


    I have escalated that to Harmony suport, and they advise they will set up a technician to try fix it up and I synch the remote when they do a patch for me.


    Here's hoping!


    Again, ta for the info..perhaps if I knew what an original one looked like,I could grab one off ebay...dunno where there is an image of the remote do you?


    Thanks for the help!

  •  04-15-2011, 4:38 468265 in reply to 467746

    Re: Showcenter 200 remote

    Two complete days of google search for news on a replacement remote, and not one hit to show what to do if you don't have one to learn from....amazing? There's likely to be information somewhere, I just haven't struck it yet!
  •  04-16-2011, 6:52 468521 in reply to 467746

    Re: Showcenter 200 remote

    Sorry, I've been away for a couple of days.  Yes, I have one-o-those remotes, and will post a picture.


    If the harmony guys need a stored remote to pull from, my 300 config might work for you, although I have to admit I haven't gone completely through every key.  PM me if you're interested and I'll send you my Harmony userid.   And if the Harmony folks want someone to give them "every key on the remote" (even if it takes a couple of passes), I should be able to do that, too.

    Now, as far as setting up:  You can probably get to the other values if you keep pressing the same key over&over...can't you?

    And just from my perspective:  As for WiFi:  If  you intend to watch videos, you'll *probably* want a hard-wired connection, unless your videos are all pretty low-bitrate...just warning you.  It's not that the 802.11g interface doesn't "work", it's just that it doesn't necessarily work *well enough* to keep you happy -- e.g. if the microwave comes on and the video starts to freeze!


    Update:  Look here for a picture.

  •  04-26-2011, 18:16 470414 in reply to 468521

    Re: Showcenter 200 remote

    Many many thanks for your reply...I have also been away from the pc as well, I will pm you


  •  04-27-2011, 14:00 470608 in reply to 470414

    Re: Showcenter 200 remote

    OK, PM received and replied!
  •  04-28-2011, 21:33 470853 in reply to 470608

    Re: Showcenter 200 remote

    Thanks.. bittman has provided me with some wonderfull assistance.

    Thanks mate.

  •  04-29-2011, 7:10 470934 in reply to 470853

    Re: Showcenter 200 remote

    We couldn't be lucky enough that the appropriate c/n key is already mapped to +/- on the Harmony remote, could we?
  •  05-01-2011, 1:50 471148 in reply to 470934

    Re: Showcenter 200 remote

    Just got a message from Harmony...

    "Thank you for contacting Logitech Customer Care about your Harmony Remote

    The "C/N" key is already in our database, and I have assigned it to the "E" key (bottom right to the 0 key) on your H300. Please sync your remote and test it out."

    I haven't sync yet, but will give it a go over the next day or so.

    I think the showcenter seems to have a mind of it's own though, as yesterday I couldn't get it working via wired connection on either Traversity, Simese(localhost8080), or Windows Media Player, when it was working flawlessly before.

    I whacked my 320gig passport drive on it and that worked perfect.

    As far as remotes go, replacement or second hand one's appear impossible to scrounge up. Have been trawling ebay UK,USA,Australia etc, and nothing about 2nd hand. I'd have thought with the item being a bit dated now in comparison to all the new media players about, that it would be easy as to get one, but alas not the case.


    All the best..

  •  05-01-2011, 9:50 471189 in reply to 471148

    Re: Showcenter 200 remote

    Well, cool.  Sounds like you're on your way.

  •  06-25-2011, 23:58 480001 in reply to 471189

    Re: Showcenter 200 remote

    You know, all this time I have been searching ebay in Australia, UK and USA, and in that time there has been no original remotes for sale !! I have even contacted some people overseas on ebay, to ask if I was the winning bidder on a whole unit, would they just send the remote, and they can keep the main unit..people say no, they are not prepared to post overseas.

    Anyhow...over n out.

  •  07-16-2011, 5:36 482727 in reply to 480001

    Re: Showcenter 200 remote

    Just an update...

    I have come to believe that a showcenter remote should be placed in a museum or the like, as they appear to be part of an extinct / dying species. There are none anywhere, and both UK and USA sellers refuse to send, even if you win a bid. I always ask, none volunteer.

    The Harmony works, but it's a *** of a battle...may well just cut my losses and get a better more updated media box that plays newer codecs /files, and despatch the showcenter to landfill.

  •  07-17-2011, 20:53 482902 in reply to 482727

    Re: Showcenter 200 remote

    Funnily enough, I get along just fine with my Harmony remote, now that everything is set up.
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