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Interesting products that may work well with XE

Last post 10-11-2007, 4:29 by Smetvid. 0 replies.
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  •  10-11-2007, 4:29 48214

    Interesting products that may work well with XE

    This company makes great hardware.  They are coming out with two new products.

    1.  Flash XDR-  This is a drive that you can hook up via SDI to your camera to record mpeg2 I frame only material live.  This is great for HDV shooters.  The beauty of the product is that Liquid already supports editing this type of material as a native RT format.  The other beuty of the device and something it was not really designed for is that you could use it as a small deck for Chrome XE.  You could output via SDI from the XE card into this box and record to flash cards a master of your timeline that you wouldn't have to render the yellow slices.

    2.  HD connect MP2 - this product allows you to input a SDI source and the box will convert and output a live HDV stream.  This is also great for XE because if you are somebody who still mainly uses HDV to shoot with but wants the HD output you can use this as a bridge between the Xe card and your HDV deck.  That way you wouldn't have to render the yellow slices at all.  The box does the mpeg2 encoding for you so your system doesn't have to.  So now you can view your HDV projects on your HDTV with Chtrome Xe and with this box output right back to HDV tape for a master.

     I know these things are a little pricey but they are not that bad considering how much time they could save you in rendering or outputting a mpeg2 stream for HD-DVD or Blu-Ray authoring.  Just wanted to give a heads up.

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