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a hum when I try a voiceover

Last post 05-31-2011, 19:27 by Mick Bentley. 3 replies.
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  •  05-30-2011, 9:46 475740

    a hum when I try a voiceover

    When I do a voice over in Studio 14,  the voice works ok but there is a bothersome low humming sound.  any suggestions about how to eliminate this?
  •  05-30-2011, 10:29 475744 in reply to 475740

    Re: a hum when I try a voiceover

    Does the meter move at least to 50% when recording? Make sure the mic is fully faded up in Studio and Windows.

    It's almost certainly a mains/electronic hum picked up by the microphone. Is it an inbuilt one? If it is, then try an external mic.

    If it's already an external mic, Check that the cable isn't wrapped up with any others and try to get the mic as far away from the computer as possible.

    Failing that, try a better mic with a better shielded cable. I use my camera mic and plug the camera into the Line input

    If all that fails and you have Ultimate you might want to try using the Equaliser audio plug-in, rolling off the bottom two frequencies. but it might make the voice sound a bit thin.


  •  05-31-2011, 18:23 476002 in reply to 475744

    Re: a hum when I try a voiceover

    Thank you for your suggestions,  I tried several of them,  still a hum,  my microphone is about 10 years old so I am going to buy a new one as per your idea.
  •  05-31-2011, 19:27 476004 in reply to 476002

    Re: a hum when I try a voiceover

    The comments from jjn are spot on, unfortunately with some of the PC's I've had the problem comes from within the PC itself and changing standard microphones hasn't helped.
    I have used a USB mic (with Headset) with some sucess for voiceovers. It might be worth considering.

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