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showcenter 200 for iMAC

Last post 05-28-2011, 3:41 by sweetbear. 4 replies.
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  •  03-20-2011, 6:43 462725

    showcenter 200 for iMAC


    I have both a showcenter 200 and am trying to get my IMac to recognize it. Nothing doing!

    does anyone have an idea what I can do and/or which software I can use to continue using my showcenter?


  •  03-20-2011, 18:56 462812 in reply to 462725

    Re: showcenter 200 for iMAC

    If you apply the beta firmware, your SC200 will willingly play back from a UPnP server.  There are several UPnP servers available for Mac OSX...would that be sufficient?

  •  03-21-2011, 9:26 462948 in reply to 462812

    Re: showcenter 200 for iMAC

    Thanks for the info

    but I noticed the beta version is only for WinXP, Windows Vista 32 and 64


    also what is the better UPnP server out there to use on OS X?



  •  03-21-2011, 10:01 462958 in reply to 462948

    Re: showcenter 200 for iMAC

    Nah, the Beta version is for the Showcenter to better be able to play in a UPnP environment.

    The working theory:  The old Pinnacle Media Mangler Manager software that was originally used to "feed" the Showcenter 1000 and 200 wasn't able to be updated to run on Vista, so instead of trying to make a new Media Manager, Pinnacle came out with the Showcenter 250, which was simply a 200 with newer firmware that "spoke" UPnP, and they also deleted Pinnacle Media Manager from the mix.  The Beta software updates a 200 to the equivalent capabilities of the newest 250, and therefore you end up with a media server that'll work from a UPnP server fairly well (and it'll still run off of the old PMM and alternate servers as well if you're still running an older server).


    Now as far as UPnP servers that run on idea, I'm not a Mac guy.  A quick google found several free options.  I'm somewhat familiar with MediaTomb from a Linux perspective, but there are certainly others out there...and I don't know what commercial alternatives (e.g. Twonky?) are available, either, but I assume there are several.



  •  05-28-2011, 3:41 475429 in reply to 462958

    Re: showcenter 200 for iMAC

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