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Hmmm, Scorefitter eh!

Last post 05-03-2011, 12:12 by Redd. 4 replies.
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  •  05-02-2011, 14:44 471417

    Hmmm, Scorefitter eh!

    Can I import my SmartSound CD's into Scorefitter? I don't seem to see a way to import.



    EDIT...OK, need the plugin and the demo version of Sonicfire. Used to be able to import SmartSound CD's directly into SmartSpound...that is now Scorefitter. One more hoop to jump through. 

  •  05-02-2011, 22:03 471437 in reply to 471417

    Re: Hmmm, Scorefitter eh!

    Smartsound and scorefitter are two different products, scorefitter is pinnacle product, and smartsound is done by a company by the same name. The plug-in now cost $30, but you get a lot more functionality out of it if you own smartsounds sonic fire pro. If you do not have sonic fire, the smart tracks that comes with the plug in, will work similar to the old smart sound interface. All of your old music will work with this plug-in.

    The sonic fire pro program will give you access to multi track editing, with a lot more features, which work seamless with either studio or avid studio.

  •  05-03-2011, 8:53 471504 in reply to 471437

    Re: Hmmm, Scorefitter eh!

    Yeah, thanks. I do have SonicFire Pro 3, not sure if it'll function on Win 7...I'll give it a go. I did give SmartSound a call in So. Cal...they won't upgrade to Ver 5 from Ver 3...I'd have to buy it again.'s getting harder and harder to keep up with the Jones's...>;-}  Worst comes to worst I'll pop for the plug-in.
  •  05-03-2011, 11:10 471533 in reply to 471504

    Re: Hmmm, Scorefitter eh!

    Worst comes to worst I'll pop for the plug-in.
    What version of Studio are you running? The new SonicFire-based plugin is only for Studio 15 and Avid Studio, Smartsound is not supported at all in Studio 14 (you have only Scorefitter), and in older versions (Studio 12 and before) you can still use the old Quicktracks plugin - so in S11 and S12 (as with S15 and Avid Studio) you can have both Smartsound and Scorefitter Smile


  •  05-03-2011, 12:12 471541 in reply to 471533

    Re: Hmmm, Scorefitter eh!

    Thanks Richard...just loaded S15 on my new puter...still running S10.8 on my 8 yr old XP desktop. My new computer info is in my profile. Thanks for the info...a few things have changed. I'm thinking that maybe with all the changes I should have popped for Avid Studio...which I assume is a take off on the old Pinnacle Liquid.
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