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Last post 10-08-2007, 15:21 by dun4cheap. 9 replies.
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  •  10-06-2007, 18:24 46534


    For many reasons I hate recommending to someone what/where to buy a computer. But today my daughter ask me this very question (currently she has one of my old PC's) . My first question to her was "how much you want to spend".. $1,200 she said. My second question was... "what are you going to use it for" Games, Music, Internet, a little photo work, Excel and Word stuff she said.

    So, I went on the net and looked, looked at Costco and Dell, all I saw that I thought would be good for her needs not only for now but for two three years from now cost more than $1,200.

    For store bought is $1,200 realistic and for a setup like hers where would you folks look?

    Thanks for any ideas.

  •  10-06-2007, 18:27 46536 in reply to 46534

    Re: $1,200

    I wouldn't spent more than 800 for this. But then I mean Euros.

    Could we also have the joy of seeing you instead of an animation face. 

  •  10-06-2007, 18:31 46539 in reply to 46534

    Re: $1,200

    Iam not sure how prices are in ur country but my rig cost me $2100 New Zealand dollers. You can see my spec in my signature. Assuming that the 1200 is US dollers, i would be inclined to believe that it would get you a pretty decent machine for what she wants to do and it would definatly last her a good number of years. I usually buy my pc componants from the numorous asian pc sales places littered around Auckland. In my experience, going to big name companies like Dell,HP etc carry a couple hundred dollers premium.
  •  10-06-2007, 21:12 46576 in reply to 46534

    Re: $1,200

    Sam the Sham:
    For store bought is $1,200 realistic and for a setup like hers where would you folks look?

    More than realistic. You can numerous HP's packages with Core Duo's for under $900. Sure they don't have the greatest 3d performance in the world but if that becomes an issue spend another hundred and a half on a 3d card. It's not neccesary and kinda of silly and overkill to build the kind of cadillacs we've talking about on here for basic computing needs. And with the HP you'll get an actual warranty and bunch of software included.

  •  10-06-2007, 22:16 46585 in reply to 46534

    Re: $1,200

    For a computer to do what you said, $1200 is not realistic unless you have money to throw away.

    Check print ads or online listings from Fry's, Micro Center and other stores that sell computers.  There are always good computers for a lot less than that.  Even laptops can be had for a lot less than $1200.  If you're talking about peripherals like a printer, scanner, monitor, etc. then that adds to the cost but not enough to reach $1200.  Software's a different story but photo editing software almost identical to Photoshop and a full "Office" suite can be downloaded free and they work great.

    The computer itself can be had for $400 or less easily.  A monitor can be had for $200 or less easily.  A printer for $100 or less easily.  If I were building the computer, it could be even less expensive, I think.  I'm looking at a Micro Center ad right now for a computer loaded with Vista for $250.  The same flyer has a refurbished Dell for $200.

    To put this even more in perspective, I'm doing the same things you're talking about on one of my computers that's a PIII/866MHz.  It doesn't take much to do those things.

    So, you've already saved more than enough to buy another better computer in a few years if you think you really need to.  You could buy another $700 computer later and still not have spent $1200.  If you use the same monitor and printer with the next one you won't be out those costs again.

    Check here for some examples. That's for Texas so go back to the home page there and select your location, then click the category links for various deals.  The one I've linked to was computer/monitor/printer bundles.

    Just send me my consulting fee.  I take PayPal (really).  Smile

  •  10-06-2007, 22:30 46586 in reply to 46536

    Re: $1,200


    Could we also have the joy of seeing you instead of an animation face. 

    Joy of seeing my face LOL via webcam Lew, Andy and a few others saw my face on Skype. Now when they call they turn off the web cam Embarrassed

    All joking aside folks, thanks for the ideas, I'm going to pass these along to my daughter.



  •  10-06-2007, 22:34 46589 in reply to 46586

    Re: $1,200

    Don't miss the one I just posted, Sam.  I've added to it since I first submitted it.
  •  10-07-2007, 19:42 46827 in reply to 46589

    Re: $1,200

    Scott I'll show her those as well.



  •  10-07-2007, 22:03 46843 in reply to 46827

    Re: $1,200

    For a game machine, have a look at Fry's, then add a hot video card.  Way less than $1200 -


  •  10-08-2007, 15:21 47138 in reply to 46843

    Re: $1,200

    I agree, you can build it from Frys add last Friday..


    Intel Core 2 Duo E6850 Boxed with ECS Board for $289 or Intel Board for $329

    2 Gig DDR2 6400 Dual Channel for $60

    Maxtor 300Gig Sata II $70 yuck, Seagate will be $70 this Friday

    XP Pro OEM $135

    19-22" LCD $150-$199

    MS Office Home Student/Family Version $129

    CD/DVD Burner $39 

    $329+$60+$70+$135+$200+$129+$39=$962 plus tax...

    This of course is based on her not having Windows XP or Office.

    The Intel Board offers PCIExpress Video, but you could drop an ATI X1650 on there for like $70.



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