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Saving a custom effect

Last post 03-29-2011, 19:03 by jessedog. 4 replies.
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  •  03-28-2011, 18:32 464447

    Saving a custom effect

    I'm starting to mess around with the 2D and 3D Editor effects and I have created some interesting motion and movements.  Can I save these effects for use in later projects such as a "My Effects" like the "My Looks" functionality?


  •  03-29-2011, 0:43 464481 in reply to 464447

    Re: Saving a custom effect

    No you can't do that in this AS 1.0 version.

    I'd also like to be able to do that.

    Some effects have quite a few variable parameters and for a wanted result it can take some time to have 'm all set right, so being able to save a combination of customized settings would be a great feature to add to a next version.

  •  03-29-2011, 3:32 464505 in reply to 464481

    Re: Saving a custom effect

    I agree also - being able to save an effect in the library would be a timesaving feature.

    One long winded way around this possibly would be to create a project with the effect applied to a test clip on the timeline (this project could be saved in the library for future use) the effect parameters could then hopfully be copied and pasted onto clips on your current project. I havent tried copying and pasting effects between projects but I would be surprised if it wasnt possible.



  •  03-29-2011, 4:31 464509 in reply to 464505

    Re: Saving a custom effect

    I havent tried copying and pasting effects between projects but I would be surprised if it wasnt possible.
    It is possible, thankfully. What's more, you can put a conventional movie project with a number of your favourite customised effects on the Disc project timeline, then switching between projects is just a one click job.

    That's no substitute for savable presets, though Smile

  •  03-29-2011, 19:03 464674 in reply to 464509

    Re: Saving a custom effect

    Thanks for the solution.  I made some custom effects today and saved them all in a "Special Effects" project.  I opened this project and moved it to the Disk project timeline and was then able to copy the custom effects to photos in a new project on the movie timeline.  Seems to be a very good solution while we wait for the ability to save a custom effect.
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