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Where is the Web-Export file (YouTube)

Last post 03-24-2011, 7:56 by jjn. 4 replies.
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  •  03-22-2011, 5:09 463125

    Where is the Web-Export file (YouTube)

    Loading web movies up to YouTube works fine.

    But I want to keep the upload file for myself also, and I cannot find it:

    In the eport window AS tells   (bottom left) it would prepare a file for upload to YT, and in the details window it gives me the option where the file should be stored.

    After rendering the upload starts without an option to quit the upload, and afte the upload there is no file in the specified directory.

    Where is the file?

    Is it deleted by AS?

    Is that the intended behavior of AS?

  •  03-22-2011, 11:09 463212 in reply to 463125

    Re: Where is the Web-Export file (YouTube)

    Same here, after the creation there's no file, IMO its a intended behavior of AS since you can always select File instead, if you want to keep the file on the HDD, and better you'll have other options for presets.
  •  03-22-2011, 11:43 463222 in reply to 463212

    Re: Where is the Web-Export file (YouTube)

    The mp4 file is put in C:/users/Your profile name/Appdata/Local/Avid/Studio/Scratch/

    It isn't put where you specify, is saved with the project name, and isn't deleted when you delete the aux files. So, if you are doing a lot of uploading, then you will fill up you C drive without knowing it.

    Why it isn't just put in the Render folder so it gets deleted eventually, I don't know.

    You could make that location a Watchfolder, I suppose Wink

  •  03-24-2011, 7:43 463626 in reply to 463222

    Re: Where is the Web-Export file (YouTube)

    thank you jjn,

    the files are really there. To include the position as watch folder may help as a preliminary workaround (just to recognize them), but is not a solution to the problem.

    Particularly it is not even possible to erase the files from within AS. I could erase them only in Windows explorer.

    I think Avid has misinterpreted the role of the AppData directory. It is intended for configuration data, not for user data.


  •  03-24-2011, 7:56 463630 in reply to 463626

    Re: Where is the Web-Export file (YouTube)

    but is not a solution to the problem.
    I wasn't suggesting that it was Wink
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