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Page Peel (& other Hollywood FX) stopped working

Last post 03-03-2011, 3:13 by Davilex. 8 replies.
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  •  02-13-2011, 14:43 452938

    Page Peel (& other Hollywood FX) stopped working

    I have the 16 basic 'Hollywood FX for Studio' in the Standard Transitions drop-down menu.   I regularly use 'Page Peel', 'Balloon', 'Scissors' and 'Spider'.   I like these because the transition creates a moving PIP effect. 

    For some reason they have stopped working properly when I add them to the timeline.   The 'A' sequence is fine, but the 'B' sequence remains black.    For example in the Page Peel the A clip scrolls down left to right but it reveals a black screen where the B clip should be revealed. Once the transition is complete the next clip displays correctly.    Hope that this explanation of the problem makes sense!

     The HFX transitions do not preview correctly in the Studio preview window.   If I open Easy FX Editor I can preview these FX correctly, i.e. both the A and the B sequence are visible.

    I have several projects on the go.   I had already used a Page Peel transition in one of my projects and this continued to work correctly but when I tried to add another further along the timeline this did not work correctly.   I therefore had a working and a non-working Page Peel in the same project.   I tried to copy the working Page Peel from within the timeline to another point in the movie but once copied it would not work correctly.

    Not sure what I could have done to cause this, but any advice would be welcome.   Hope I am missing something obvious and one of you guys can point me in the right direction.


  •  02-13-2011, 14:55 452939 in reply to 452938

    Re: Page Peel (& other Hollywood FX) stopped working

    Try zooming into the timeline, down to a single frame, and see if there's a space between the clips where you want to put the transition. If there is a space it needs to be closed up before adding a transition.


  •  02-13-2011, 23:30 452969 in reply to 452939

    Re: Page Peel (& other Hollywood FX) stopped working


    Hi - thanks for the response.   No, there are no spaces between clips, it doesn't seem to matter where I try to place these transitions - they won't work.   The thing is, they don't work in preview either before I drop them to the timeline.    My knowledge is unfortunately limited as to how these transitions are constructed, but it appears that they are corrupted or incomplete.

    When I open Easy FX Editor and click on the Page Peel transition it wipes away A revealing B behind it in the preview, but in Studio it wipes away A revealing a black screen until the wipe is complete - if you see what I mean.

    I did a clean instal of S14 on a new Windows 7 installation last year.   I was previously using S10.7 on Win XP.   I completed all ongoing projects before upgrading, therefore all of my current projects are new on S14.    These wipes and transitions must have worked for me at some stage since the upgrade as I had a working Page Peel in one of my projects (as I indicated in my opening post).    For a while I had a working, and a non-working Page Peel at 2 points on the same timeline.  I turned background rendering off then back on and now neither of them work correctly.

     Dazed and confused!

  •  02-13-2011, 23:47 452972 in reply to 452969

    AW: Re: Page Peel (& other Hollywood FX) stopped working

    I suggest to delete the auxiliary files (File menu - Delete Auxiliary Files) and let background render again.

    Does it help?

  •  02-14-2011, 0:03 452974 in reply to 452972

    Re: AW: Re: Page Peel (& other Hollywood FX) stopped working

    Hi Ingolf

    Thanks for the suggestion, but I already have tried this several times.   In fact, when I did this, any Hfx that were once working ceased to perform correctly after the re-render.   They must have worked properly at some stage because I had a working Page Peel in my timeline.   Once I deleted the aux files and re-rendered even they stopped working.

     I am increasingly inclined to believe that it is the HFx themselves which are somehow corrupted.

    Maybe I should complete all of my existing projects using only 2D transitions and then re-install?

  •  02-14-2011, 0:37 452976 in reply to 452974

    AW: Re: AW: Re: Page Peel (& other Hollywood FX) stopped working

    Hmmm, sounds complicate. I can't believe that the Hfx themselves are corrupt, may be your project file is corrupt.

    Give the following a try:

    • Copy everything on the timeline to the clipboard (ctrl-a; ctrl-c)
    • create a new project (file - new)
    • paste everything from clipboard to the new timeline (ctrl-v)

    Does it work now?


  •  02-14-2011, 1:05 452978 in reply to 452976

    Re: AW: Re: AW: Re: Page Peel (& other Hollywood FX) stopped working

    OK - just tried your suggestion, but unfortunately it did not solve the problem.   I have 6 separate projects currently.    The HFx transitions will work in none of them.

    When I right-click on a Page Peel in the timeline, and select Clip Properties, the properties box opens at the top-left of my screen:

    Name: STB-Page Peel           Duration 00:00:02:00

    and the two clips either side of the Page Peel appear in the 2 windows.   The Page Peel logo appears in the centre between them.    When I run through the clip it peels away the first clip but only reveals a blank screen behind it, not the second clip as you would normally expect.  To the right of my Studio screen, the preview window now shows a black screen.

    Guess I will need to re-instal at some point, and not start any new projects until I have completed my current projects.   I could continue to work on my current projects if I rendered to avi or mpeg, and then work on them again after a re-install.

    These 16 HFx would presumably re-appear after a re-instal, wouldn't they?


  •  02-26-2011, 4:27 456521 in reply to 452978

    Re: AW: Re: AW: Re: Page Peel (& other Hollywood FX) stopped working

    OK - just for the sake of completeness, and in case anyone else has this weird sympton, it is now completely cured.

    I decided to download a random Hollywood Effect from the Declic web-site, and when I clicked on the download tab up popped a dialogue box stating 'Windows needs to configure Studio program' or something very similar.   I clicked Ok, and was asked to insert my S14 disc.   After a couple of minutes of thrashing the disc ejected.   I rebooted and everything works OK.  All of my 3D transitions are now back and working perfectly!

    Don't know, why, what or how, but thanks for the various other advice anyway.

  •  03-03-2011, 3:13 457893 in reply to 456521

    Page Peel (& other HFX) stopped working

    Clearing the subject line for readiness in list ....
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