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Hola Mis Amigos de Costa Rica

Last post 02-13-2011, 8:54 by Sam the Sham. 6 replies.
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  •  01-26-2011, 20:27 449845

    Hola Mis Amigos de Costa Rica

    It has been a long time since I have been on this forum.  As many of you know, I moved away back in March 2009 and have been living i Costa Rica.  In fact, right this very minute, my old buddy from he US (Lew Schatzer) is visiting here and enjoying the Pura Vida Life.

     Like some of you, I bought into the idea of getting MC before it was too late.  I've had it 6 or 7 months now and it is still sitting in my closet, unopened.  WHY... because Liquid does 100% of what I need for it to do.  I love this product and have produced 73 videos since moving here.  All can be found on my website at

    You all take it easy and drop me a line sometime.



  •  01-27-2011, 5:31 449915 in reply to 449845

    Re: Hola Mis Amigos de Costa Rica

    Good to hear from you again Andy! In the other thread I mentioned still using Liquid too, like you. Unlike you, I have tried MC, and am not using it for now. I'll try the previous version sometime. For now, I've got to much work to do to fight with it anymore. Liquid lets me get my clients' projects done.


  •  01-27-2011, 10:11 449960 in reply to 449845

    Re: Hola Mis Amigos de Costa Rica


    Thanks for checking in. Back when the news came that Avid was abandoning Liquid (and us too), I thought their offer for MC was too little too late. They burned me, and I did not give them a dime, even though the "offer" sounded like a good one. My strategy was then, and is now, to continues to use what works (Liquid) until such a time as technology obsoleted it.

    As of now, nothing has done as good a job as Liquid. If Avid had developed Next Gen, they would have had a winner on their hands. But, knowing corporations, it is ALL about the bottom line. Developing MC was done, IMHO, for nothing more than justifying exorbitant rate hikes, both for the software and the support. Next Gen would not have been as big a cash cow, although it would have been better than MC (judging by what I saw in beta)

    So alas, here we are with no power to effect change on the corporate level. But I check in occasionally to see how we are all doing, and it is heartening to see that Liquid STILL ROCKS!

  •  01-27-2011, 15:12 450052 in reply to 449960

    Re: Hola Mis Amigos de Costa Rica

    Hola, Andy!  Nice to see you on here and Yes, it has been awhile!

     While reading this thread about Liquid and MC, it reminded me of when I first got Liquid after Premiere 5.x...boy!  What a learning curve that was!  It took a looong time to finally get Liquid to do what I wanted - even Immersion was an attempt to finally get a grip.  It seems much like that now with MC...just another program to learn and yes, Liquid does 100% of everything I need today...oh, wait!  It won't do Windows 7 without a bunch of work-arounds and I am mostly win7 now, so it's time to move along.

    Just don't forget that the learning curve is just that and we spent the time with Liquid, now to spent time with the learning curve of the NEW program of our choice!

    I loved Liquid then and I love it now, but it's end of life and MC isn't!




  •  01-28-2011, 8:56 450171 in reply to 450052

    Re: Hola Mis Amigos de Costa Rica

    Welcome back to the forum, Andy.  It's nice to see that you are not only enjoying your retirement, but still enthusiastically churning out interesting videos.  I too took advantage of Avid's generous offer and I even upgraded to MC5.  However, like you, I still tend to rely on Liquid for my general editing endeavours while playing with MC.  I find the learning curve between Liquid and MC to be about as steep as the one from Premeire (from DV500 days) to Liquid was back then.

    I am not planning to jump into MC5 with both feet until at least the various bugs with the recent update revisions are sorted out.  I agree that an updated Liquid (NexGen?) would have been very welcome, but we must move on.  Until the mainstream videography hardware and software moves beyond Liquid's capability (e.g. AVCHD taking over the camcorder market), I will stay with my trusty Liquid.  In the meantime, between Douglas Bruce's excellent tutorials and the Avid stuff, I am spending some time getting up to speed with MC.  Hopefully the long term result will be the best of both worlds (Liquid & MC).

  •  01-28-2011, 10:56 450203 in reply to 450171

    Re: Hola Mis Amigos de Costa Rica

    I'm using MC and Liquid. For the quick projects to do, Liquid offers all I need and still in a very good quality (HD).

    I'm using MC for the projects that need a deep editing in the clips for stablization, colour, certain effects, tracking etc. That is, if the project is not under time-pressure. MC is very detailed, less intuitive as Liquid is and therefor, it takes a long time to produce the best it can give.

    MC consumes far more space than Liquid for projects, media and effects.I very often "loose" control of the files and, what is really annoying, is the need for third party software (like AvidDVD, Squeeze) that is not included in the MC module. That brings for me always the so hated video mixdown in my project. I mean, if I can determine what goes in the QT mov file, why is MC not capable of  doing this in the process for a QT mov file?

    And then, I still run my good old ACER system under XP. Both, Liquid and MC, run OK. Not fast, but so don't I.

    Liquid is the EOL (End of Line). The problem will be that there is a wide range of new camera's coming up. I think that the fileformats and firewire connections will cause more trouble. And there is a point where Liquid cannot be used for the new recordings. I hope, MC will.


  •  02-13-2011, 8:54 452882 in reply to 449845

    Re: Hola Mis Amigos de Costa Rica

    Hola ab,



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