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Having a blast remembering Egypt

Last post 10-02-2007, 21:03 by Iain. 1 replies.
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  •  10-01-2007, 23:44 44691

    Having a blast remembering Egypt

    A group of us took a vacation to Egypt in March and I am putting together two DVD's covering our vacation. One has about 2400 photographs from the trip taken by five people.  The other has about two hours of video taken by myself.  This is also my first project using Studio 11 and I am really quite pleased with it.  I have used Studio 7,8,9, and 10 and I think 11 is the best yet.  Studio has always had wonderful features and a great user interface, but it has been pretty "sensitive", or as some would call it "full of bugs".  Studio 11 though seems to be by far the most stable version I have used and I really like some of the new features.

    My slide presentation is made using two programs.  First I compose the individual chapters using a program called Proshow by PhotoDex.  It is excellent for working with photos and producing slideshows set to music.  You can also create simple DVD menus and DVDs directly from Proshow, but if there are a lot of chapters or slides it can be a memory hog and crash if the show gets too complex.  So, I use Proshow to produce AVI files of each chapter, then bring those chapters into Studio and attach a menu then render the whole mess onto one DVD.  I am having some minor difficulties playing the DVD on set top DVD players that I posted in another forum, but I am sure I will eventually resolve the issues. 

    The video DVD is made 100% in Studio.  Similar to the above, I create each chapter separately, doing all the editing, applying the transitions, adding background music, etc.  I then render the individual chapter into a single AVI file.  Once all the chapters are complete I bring them into another master project in Studio, add a menu and make the DVD.  It has been working almost perfectly, which is a very welcome change for Pinnacle!

    So far both DVDs look great and it is really nice to relive the trip.  Egypt is a great place to visit.


  •  10-02-2007, 21:03 44965 in reply to 44691

    Re: Having a blast remembering Egypt

    Sounds like you have it all sorted. I have always wanted to go to Egypt but never seem to find the time. Your Vids should be very interesting, thanks for the feedback.


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