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Xsend to Xdcam

Last post 01-14-2011, 15:55 by georgino. 7 replies.
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  •  01-04-2011, 13:09 444408

    Xsend to Xdcam


    I trying to export some footage on an xdam video.

    The video material capture by dvcpro 25 and after i finish editing i switch the codec under timeline properties to mxf (created by me as a new codec under mpeg2 422p@ml (m2v) choosing imx in profile constraints and bitrate 50Mps.

    Everything seems to work fine untill i try to send the created mxf clip to xdcam.

    I receive messages like ''disc reading failure'' or, that the folder i try to paste the clip is ''read only''.

    However some clips that i import from the xdam to my hard disc drive can be copied back with no problem.

    I work on windows xp sp3 using avid liquid chrome hd

    Fam drivers are installed and xdam works on fam mode ( I can copy from xdcam easily but not vice versa )

    Is there any plugin or another codec?

    Any ideas? 

  •  01-11-2011, 23:22 446439 in reply to 444408

    Re: Xsend to Xdcam

    I read in the reference manual of avid liquid......

    ''Mxf export is an option of Export Sequence as...(File>Export>Sequence...)'' page 192

    Where exactly is that option?

  •  01-12-2011, 5:48 446521 in reply to 446439

    Re: Xsend to Xdcam

    Export to XDCAM is only available by right-clicking a clip or sequence in the project browser (to the left of the timeline) or the big project window (if you have it open). You access it using XSend->XDCAM.
  •  01-12-2011, 13:29 446654 in reply to 446521

    Re: Xsend to Xdcam

    Hi again and thanks for the answer.

    I tried that option too.

    However when i try to save the files i get a message tha says ''warning this is not an xdcam folder'', (try to save in a windows folder)

    The fused files are avaliable but they cannot be read by the xdcam video

  •  01-13-2011, 14:37 446932 in reply to 446654

    Re: Xsend to Xdcam

    XSend to XDCAM was designed to write back to the camera. To get it to work in a PC folder, mount the media as an external drive and copy the contents to a folder on the PC. Now you should be able to export to that folder.
  •  01-14-2011, 12:00 447131 in reply to 446932

    Re: Xsend to Xdcam

    Hi again,

    My main problem is that i cannot export the mxf files back to xdcam.

    The xdcam video is mount as an external disc drive.

    I can see it in the windows but when i try to export directly from liquid it says that there it is a read only folder.( i mean xdcam video)

    However mxf files capture by xdcam (copy paste to a windows folder) can be back to the video.

    The problem is that mxf files that created in liquid cannot tranfer back to video (see my first post)

    I did the same things on a media composer machine and everything works fine.

    But i insist in liquid... 

  •  01-14-2011, 13:15 447145 in reply to 447131

    Re: Xsend to Xdcam

    Which directory on the camera are you trying to write into? I'm not sure if you want to specify the root directory containing the BPAV folder or the BPAV folder itself. You may also need to use a newly formatted SxS card/blank disk in which to write.
  •  01-14-2011, 15:55 447175 in reply to 447145

    Re: Xsend to Xdcam

    Hi DStone

    I use the pdw-v1 xdcam video.

    I can see it as an extrenal drive in the windows.

    After finishing my project i fuse the timeline into a folder in an internal hard disc.(xsent to xdcam)

    Then i asked to choose the xdcam folder and i choose the xdcam ''drive'' into the clip folder.(This folder created by the video after formating disc)

    Nothing happens.

    If i try to copy the fused mxf files from the internal hard disc to the xdcam drive i get a message that the disc is read only.(The disc is formatted by the video)

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