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Lost project

Last post 12-19-2010, 19:36 by CamDawg. 4 replies.
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  •  10-18-2010, 7:50 427553

    Lost project


    I have a project that got wiped out on my Avid Liquid system.   When I copied a sequence, and pasted it into the same project it lost all data in the project folder - no timelines, clips, etc.  It looked like a brand new project.  However, in the media tab, all of my media is still on the system and it's in my project's folder.  Also, when I look at the actual project file, it's 200 megs, so there's clearly data there.  Unfortunately nothing shows up in my project tab...  Sequences are gone.

     For what it's worth, the project file was saved on a network drive that is completely filled up.  So I tried saving a copy of the project to my local drive, which just gave me the same thing (however, it did take some time to do, and it looked like it was moving plenty of files).

     Any ideas what could be done to salvage this project?  Thanks.

  •  10-23-2010, 19:34 428648 in reply to 427553

    Re: Lost project

    Have you verified if you have your hard drive containing the medias mapped properly in the Media Management?


  •  12-19-2010, 15:16 440715 in reply to 427553

    Re: Lost project

    Did you ever figure out the problem?  I think I have the same thing for the 1st time in years of editing with Liquid.  All of my projects are this way.  The racks say "Not Available" and all the clips in the racks say "Not Available".  Yet, when I go to the "Media" tab I can see and play all the media and it is all in the correct location.  I have gone back and remapped to the drives where I see the media but nothing.  I have tried to rename the racks but they jump right back to "Not available"

    What did you do?

  •  12-19-2010, 16:37 440726 in reply to 440715

    Re: Lost project

    Have you tried the diagnose and repair tool (Project->Cleanup->Diagnose Project)? Backup the project files first (and if you can't use Liquid's Backup Project tool, then copy the files manually).
  •  12-19-2010, 19:36 440748 in reply to 440726

    Re: Lost project

    Dave, thanks for responding.  When I did the Diagnose Project (I haven't seen a repair tool) Liquid created a "Diagnose Project" folder.  In it is something that looks like a clip called "other" but doesn't appear to have any media.  Then there is a "Clips" folder and the clips are in there.  They all have ! marks in the top left corner and the Video and Audio of the clips have been separated.  The audio clips show the speaker icon and one video clip shows a thumbnail while the others in that folder show a large ! mark.  I do not see any reference to my sequence. 

    BTW, I could not us the Liquid project backup.  The project contains over 2 hours of DV captured footage and the backup file showed to be 58 MB even with the captured footage checkmark.

    So, my media is still there and apparently intact.  But can't find the sequence I just spent 2 weeks editing.  My guess is there is some corruption in the project file.  Oh and I stated before that all my projects were this way but I mispoke.  Only the 1st 2 projects I checked appear to be gone.

    I don't know what to do with the "diagnose project" folder or info in it.

     Any other ideas or can you point me to "repair"?

     Thanks for your time and expertise.


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