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odd and even frames

Last post 11-02-2010, 7:39 by JKoch. 1 replies.
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  •  11-01-2010, 14:26 430219

    odd and even frames

    After digitizing my super8 movies I found out that the odd and even frames of the movie require different color, brightness and contrast corrections to optimize the movie.  All the odd frames need similar corrections and so do the even frames. That is why a feature allowing to apply video corrections selective to the odd or to the even frames of a scene would be a very interesting feature. If more users noted this artefact it  would be a commercial interesting feature and it could be added to the keyframing window as an extra option. Therefore my request to add this option.

  •  11-02-2010, 7:39 430336 in reply to 430219

    Re: odd and even frames

    How  did you digitalize the super8 film?  Might a dedicated device for that purpose include precisely the odd-even frame adjustment feature?

    Anyway, with the advent of 3D video, there may be more than one reason to need to apply different effects to even and odd frames.  If a 2D video file could be imported as though it were 3D, perhaps that would allow the sort of adjustments you want.  I don't know if the existing consumer NLEs that claim 3D support (Roxio, Magix) would allow that.  High end tools (CS5, Vegas Pro) presumably might.  I suppose it depends on whether the distortion or need for optimization is great enough to warrant the investment.

    Somewhere there must be a blog or forum for super8 digitalization that elucidates the best tools or tricks.

    Please don't take offense.  It would be fine if Studio had or acquired the feature you ask.  But you'll likely get a faster solution by trying other means.

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