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Problems with Audio on Dazzle DVD Recorder

Last post 08-09-2010, 16:42 by Raff_Uy. 1 replies.
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  •  08-03-2010, 20:39 413639

    Problems with Audio on Dazzle DVD Recorder

    Okay so I have the DVD Recorder(White one, if that makes a difference) I just used it to record something like 3 days ago and it worked just fine. I don't know what happened but all of the sudden the sound wasn't working today when I tried to record something. I use the Pinnacle Instant DVD Recorder and usually in the preview box I can hear sound coming out of my speakers from what is happening on my TV, but not this time. I tried every thing.


    -Downloaded the latest drivers

    -Uninstalled and re-installed drivers

    -Plugged the video and audio from my Xbox directly into the capture card as opposed to using splitters and still no sound.

    -Went into advanced option for the source and chose Line(Dazzle DVC 100 Audio) as my source of Audio and still no, I mean it should be on that option anyway but I just made sure.


    Please, any advice is very much appreciated.

  •  08-09-2010, 16:42 414575 in reply to 413639

    Re: Problems with Audio on Dazzle DVD Recorder

    Try other source like VCR or Camcorder if you get the same result, check in the device manager , sound video and game controller if there's a yellow exclamation mark, if there is uninstalling and reinstalling the driver restarting the computer before reinstalling is recommended.
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