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Pinnacle Showcenter 250HD on Windows 2008 Server

Last post 03-24-2010, 5:41 by DistortedVision. 6 replies.
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  •  02-17-2010, 10:56 380864

    Pinnacle Showcenter 250HD on Windows 2008 Server


    Can anyone please advise if I can run Pinnacle Showcenter 250HD on Windows 2008 Server?
    I currently have a Pinnacle Showcenter 1000g which is running on Windows 2003 Server.

    Many thanks!



  •  02-17-2010, 11:37 380872 in reply to 380864

    Re: Pinnacle Showcenter 250HD on Windows 2008 Server

    The Showcenter 250HD "as-delivered" is a UPnP device only.  It will still RUN using the previous versions' server, but its main intention is to be a player for content served by a UPnP server.

    So, if you can run a UPnP server on Win2008 server (Windows Media Player, or any of the myriad UPnP standalone servers out there), or if you can install Swisscenter or one of the standalone server packages out there that are designed for these types of players, you'll be good-to-go with a 250HD (or even a 200 with the beta firmware).


  •  03-17-2010, 19:30 388589 in reply to 380872

    Re: Pinnacle Showcenter 250HD on Windows 2008 Server

    Media Sharing is deliberately disabled in Windows Media Player 11 in Windows Server 2008.

    I have the original Pinnacle Media Manager software isntalled. But am I correct in assuming that this will not allow me to play HD video or WMV-DRM etc?

    Should I be using another third party UPnP server? What would you recommend? Would TwonyMedia be suitable?

    Can you please clarify something. The file formats supported - is that determined by the UPnP server or the ShowCenter itself or both?

    Many thanks!

  •  03-18-2010, 9:58 388691 in reply to 388589

    Re: Pinnacle Showcenter 250HD on Windows 2008 Server

    I don't know how much I can clarify, since I don't run Server 2008 nor a 250HD, nor do I run Pinnacle Media Mangler Manager anymore, either.  Embarrassed

    I'm pretty sure that the original Pinnacle Media Manager software doesn't prevent playing back of HD content (it shouldn't).  I also *think* it has some provisions for WMV-DRM, but I'm not sure how that works.

    The file formats supported are dependent upon the ShowCenter itself.  If the file format isn't supported (like h.264 or .mkv containers or whatever), then the file would need to be re-encoded to be playable.  I have seen media servers that can re-encode on-the-fly if your system is beefy enough, but I don't have that beefy of a system and I simply make sure that what I'm saving is encoded appropriately for my ShowCenter, here.

    As far as 3rd-party UPnP servers, pretty much anything should work with various degrees of should a replacement Media server like SwissCenter, I'd think.

    Sorry, probably not much help. 

  •  03-19-2010, 21:13 389005 in reply to 388691

    Re: Pinnacle Showcenter 250HD on Windows 2008 Server

    Thanks Bittman.

    I installed TwonkyMedia and it successfully connects. It shows the screen below but I get an error whatever I try to play. I'm starting to wonder what are the advantages of running a third party UPnP server like TwonkyMedia anyway? I'm currently using the Pinnacle Software and I've grown very used to it having used it for 5 years with my Showcenter 1000g.

    Out of interest what do you use to convert files for your Showcenter? I currently use SUPER ©.

    [click to view image]

  •  03-20-2010, 8:17 389089 in reply to 389005

    Re: Pinnacle Showcenter 250HD on Windows 2008 Server

    As far as I know, there isn't any advantage to using a UPnP server, except that 1) a UPnP server will be usable by things other than the Showcenter, and 2) the Showcenter server itself isn't "supposed" to be able to run under Vista.  (And maybe 3) that's one less software package that Pinnacle has to ignore support.  Wink)

    If you can use PMM (or Swisscenter or some such), nothing says you shouldn't.  Me, I use MTPCenter under Linux -- I like the streaming server which helps me by bookmarking where I stop playback and does a better job of letting me fast-forward and rewind through media.

    As for what I use to transcode videos -- for videos that I don't shoot myself (like some stuff I've downloaded from, for example), I use mencoder directly from the command-line (usually under Linux).  Very flexible.  Super is a nice GUI front-end for mencoder and ffmpeg.

    What error are you getting?  If it's a "video codec not supported" message, that's one thing.  If it's a "file not found" or some such, that's another.


  •  03-24-2010, 5:41 389915 in reply to 389089

    Re: Pinnacle Showcenter 250HD on Windows 2008 Server

    Hi BittMann,

    I've decided to ditch the Showcenter completely when I get my new HD TV in June. I've uninstalled Twonky and gone back to Pinacle MediaManager. Its a case of its not broken don't try and fix it.  I only bought it because the Showcenter 1000g doesn't support WMV-DRM and I'm having exactly the same problem as other people with BBC iPlayer files:

    I wish I hadn't have bothered upgrading to the 250HD because it gives no additional functionality.I willl have to explorer re-encoding with  The HD support is rubbish: no .mkv support and no HDMI. Plus they got rid of the nice blue LEDs! Anyway, I've decided to get a Popcorn Hour C-200 in the summer. It solves all my problems. Hopefully the price would have dropped a little by then.

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