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Deleting Project in Liquid 7.2

Last post 02-22-2010, 9:09 by madlouie. 5 replies.
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  •  02-19-2010, 6:46 381367

    Deleting Project in Liquid 7.2

    Hi guys,Big Smile

    Checked the forums for this info, could find some but still not clear.

    Whenever i delete a project from my liquid all seems to be fine, i select delete media data and render files and then hit delete, the project goes away and space is created on my hardrive.

    However by chance i randomly searched for a file from a previously selected project, a video file.....and the video file was still there and all the other files that would have gone with i'm confused as when i seem to delete projects in liquid my harddrives do seem to create more space, yet the files still seem to be on my computer.

    Could this be because i export a lot of .iso dvds and .wma's etc for dvd's and web based videos that the computer holds on to the files that are associated with the exported video file?????

     i need help with this as there may be lots of media on my computer from deleted projects that is just don't need anymore.

    It seems deleting a project in avid is not the end of deleting media from my drives. whats the work around for this surely it can't be too diffcult, what i'm thinking is in essence you have to delete the files twice...........

     cheers for now guys,



  •  02-19-2010, 7:44 381380 in reply to 381367

    Re: Deleting Project in Liquid 7.2

    Deleting media will only delete what's in Liquid's Media Managed directories. It won't delete imported files. So are these files that were digitized or imported?
  •  02-20-2010, 8:16 381623 in reply to 381380

    Re: Deleting Project in Liquid 7.2

    In the heat of creative editing I often shuffle bits and pieces of a project around so I find it necessary every so often to go thru my four HDs and see what is there.  This usually results in a number of manual deletions of files that are no longer useful.  It's just good housekeeping.
  •  02-22-2010, 3:00 381948 in reply to 381380

    Re: Deleting Project in Liquid 7.2


    Files are both digitized and imported....

    i'm just worried that i could end up deleting files that i might need if i have to keep going through my drives and delelting them manually, might just need some patience to do the job.

    thanks for the reply

  •  02-22-2010, 7:00 381980 in reply to 381948

    Re: Deleting Project in Liquid 7.2

    Liquid's media management is a good thing but it is not really as powerful as Interplay with Media Composer.

    What you can do in Liquid: Open the project which you finished and go to the tab "Media". Select from the Rack Window Menu "Reset all media tags", then select "Tag used media of current project". In the column "Tags" below you will see some "0" and some numbers higher than 0. The numbers higher 0 tell you that these media have been used at least once in the project. You can click on the column header so it sorts ascending/descending. Media which have the tag 0 were not used in the currently opened project. This way you can see instantly which media can be deleted.

    The disadvantage: You don't see by if the media being used in this project were used in other projects or not. If you are the only person using that system and you know how you organized using media then it is a good way to get rid of the unused media very quick.

  •  02-22-2010, 9:09 382005 in reply to 381980

    Re: Deleting Project in Liquid 7.2

    thanks Hans,

     this sounds like a good option as i'm the only one who really has access and use's the system, so i will give it a go and see how it works out.

     cheers for the help, just spent the last couple of hours checking and re-checking folders in my directory for media that i thought had been previously deleted,,,, but all good now, much happier.

    thanks again. 

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