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Nvidia for Liquid 7.2

Last post 02-20-2010, 3:26 by jmolesworth. 6 replies.
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  •  08-21-2009, 14:10 331399

    Nvidia for Liquid 7.2

    I have to replace my video card ATI X1950 Pro. I want to try a Nvidia video card this time.

    Sugestions are appreciated.

  •  08-21-2009, 14:19 331405 in reply to 331399

    Re: Nvidia for Liquid 7.2

    I have been using the GTX 260 for the past several months, and it works very well.


  •  08-21-2009, 18:17 331478 in reply to 331405

    Re: Nvidia for Liquid 7.2

    The latest nVidia cards should work fine. I have an 8800GTS and it works great with Liquid and Media Composer.

  •  08-21-2009, 23:15 331512 in reply to 331478

    Re: Nvidia for Liquid 7.2

    Thank you Denny and LewS for your reply.

    What is the difference between GTS 260 (or higher number)  and the 8800 GTS (or higher number)? What do I have to look for in a good and fast Nvidia PCI-E video card?

    I found out different brands selling Nvidia, is any difference?

    Thanks again

  •  08-22-2009, 12:25 331839 in reply to 331512

    Re: Nvidia for Liquid 7.2

    If you do a google search of Toms Hardware, it will take you to a site where various pieces of computer hardware are evaluated.  The higher end nVidia cards are mostly for gamers, and will not give you much if any "bang for the buck" over others.  You want to look for a minimum of a half gig of ram if not more.  From what I have read, there is really not much difference between various manufacturers of the same card when it comes to video editing.

    Hope this helps,


  •  08-22-2009, 22:42 331898 in reply to 331839

    Re: Nvidia for Liquid 7.2


    Once again thank you.

    It did.

  •  02-20-2010, 3:26 381576 in reply to 331898

    Re: Nvidia for Liquid 7.2

    I've used a number of NVIDIA cards, all without any problems, especially since upgrading to Liquid 7.2.1 (a free upgrade), and have used the fx540, GTS 8600 and the GTX 260.  You'll find that the GTX 260 is the newest of the cards which have been listed so far, and yes there are a multitude of manufacturers selling this board.  You'll find that NVIDIA is actually the manufacturer of the IC (computer chip) and all of the 'other' manufacturers make the daughter boards (or whatever you'd like to name them) using the ICs. 

     If I was to purchase a new graphics card today, I'd purchase any of the GTX 2xx range, as they will help with GPU rendering speeds, etc.

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