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Any way to speed up this workflow?

Last post 01-19-2010, 10:37 by mmyers. 2 replies.
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  •  01-19-2010, 6:49 372937

    Any way to speed up this workflow?

    This has been asked and answered in a variety of guises but the re-rendering is killing me. I’ve been using EX1’s for about two years. My output has always been to DVD for cable transmission. Converting the files to DV with the Sony software has always done just fine. But now I want to do some work for the web and I’m trying to adopt an all Hi-rez work flow prior to compression. The ultimate destination is Flash FLV. I have more than 4 hours video captured using two EX1’s at 720 60p HD. It’s a conference so almost all of the material will be used. Please streamline and advise on this workflow:

    Part 1 – editing the material we shot:
    Clips copied to computer
    Clips exported using Sony’s software to MXF.
    Clips imported to a rack in a new project.
    Timeline created using Thomas’ 100 mb/s (Sony EX1) CODEC using 720 30 p (I tried 720 60p but it seemed to make Chrome VERY cross. After two hours of trying to adjust setting so I could see the video I gave up).

    Now here comes the rub: Everything dropped on this timeline has to render. Any edit I perform on the clips cause them to re-render.
    Solution: fused all the clips and then used those clips to edit. The Above is working for me but prepping the files is taking days. Any thoughts on speeding this up?

    Part 2 – And I’ve not gotten here yet.
    After I have edited videos. (this will be broken up into shorter segments and, I expect, rendered once more. What’s recommended from here on? What kind of files have you used to move the project to Flash?

    Love answers to part one or part two or both. Thanks in advance.

  •  01-19-2010, 9:58 373017 in reply to 372937

    Re: Any way to speed up this workflow?

    One thing to do is to try and better match up the timeline with the source material. The EX uses either 25Mbs or 35Mbs for bitrate, depending on the mode (SP or HQ). Also the framerate is 59.94p, 29.97p, or 23.98p. Liquid can be rather obstinate about having everything match or it will require rendering. I don't have Smet's CODEC pack installed (sorry Thomas), so I don't know what he's added, but you should try and match the actual clip properties if at all possible.
  •  01-19-2010, 10:37 373026 in reply to 373017

    Re: Any way to speed up this workflow?

    Dave, thanks for the quick response.

    At least one wasted step is in the double rendering on the time line. I went back and fooled with it a little more and was able to create a p60 timeline using Thomas' CODEC. The issue then became not being able to see it correctly on my external video monitor. A little more fooling around finally got an output I can live with. 60p looks "choppy" coming out of Chrome but this might well be a limitation of my monitor. It's all the right size and color.

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