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Windows 7 and Liquid Chrome XE

Last post 01-10-2010, 9:10 by priitp. 3 replies.
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  •  01-02-2010, 9:09 367831

    Windows 7 and Liquid Chrome XE


    is there anybody who has Liquid Chrome XE working with Win7 and has no problems with dongle/demo mode? I tried to updated drivers, 32-bit / 64-bit version... but still in demo mode. Dongle seems to be working correctly in device manager, but Liquid cannot recognize it.

    Is there a chance of update/patch from Avid?

    thx for any advice

  •  01-02-2010, 13:14 367892 in reply to 367831

    Re: Windows 7 and Liquid Chrome XE

    It is unlikely this will be addressed as Liquid and Chrome are at the end of their life. You need to stick with XP if you want to continue using Chrome.

  •  01-10-2010, 3:55 370428 in reply to 367831

    Re: Windows 7 and Liquid Chrome XE

    Hallo All,

    I have no solution for the Dongle problem, however, I have found a way to use the features of Chrome Xe, i.e. the use of the digital outtput via AJA Xena LHe. I installed AJA Xena LHe drivers (downloaded from the AJA homepage) with their "Machina"-application. Now I installed Liquid Pro, followed by Liquid Chrome Xe. During the installation process of Liquid Chrome Xe you will be asked whether to install the drivers for AJA (as they are not MS signed). Here you answer: "Yes". Now you will be asked whether to install a driver, which is older than the one which is already installed. Here you answer: "No".

    Having installed both, Liquid Chrome Xe and Liquid Pro, you need to activate them. I activated Liquid Pro, and it comes back with a successful activation of Liquid Chrome Xe. I was a little confused on this answer, however, both versions were activated.

    I have now installed the DirectX 10 patch into both Liquid installations, followed by installation of Movie Looks into both Liquid installations. Then I installed ProDAD Mercalli, which gives you the option to add the plugins to both, Liquid Pro and Liquid Chrome Xe. TitleDekoPro was already installed, as I have used it together with Media Composer.

    Now I can use the features of Chrome Xe. I do not know, whether there are any restrictions with some functions in Demo mode. But with the installation of Liquid Pro on the same system, I can use Chrome Xe for editing and have the AJA-features available. For fianl output, especially for Quicktime output, I use Liquid Pro with the same project. Quicktime export from within Chrome Xe will fail if you have installed a version newer than version 6.5.2, while it works fine with latest QT-version from within Liquid Pro.

    I know this is an exotic kind of installation. However, it works, except the Pro-box and exept the jog-shuttle. .


  •  01-10-2010, 9:10 370506 in reply to 370428

    Re: Windows 7 and Liquid Chrome XE


    Glad to read about your sucess.

    Didn't get it is the Win7 you are using 64-bit or 32-bit.


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