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Studio 14 patch

Last post 12-21-2009, 8:49 by Cee5. 11 replies.
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  •  12-13-2009, 1:31 361802

    Studio 14 patch

    When can the first patch be expected for Studio14 ??

    I have some serious problems generating BD files. Will I be able to install S12 with my S14 license - just in case S12.1 dont have the problem ?

  •  12-13-2009, 1:57 361806 in reply to 361802

    Re: Studio 14 patch

    When?  Nobody knows ... Wink
    S14 license for S12: no, not possible.

    What are the problems you encounter when creating BluRay discs?


  •  12-13-2009, 5:43 361845 in reply to 361806

    Re: Studio 14 patch

    S14 "Hangs" when creating a project with 40+ chapters.

    Rendering goes fine - but when it comes to "Creating final file" - then system Stops with no error messages.

    Windows System info logs an application error - but there is nothing relevant to see from Studio14 - it just stops.

     Running Win7

  •  12-14-2009, 14:18 362226 in reply to 361845

    Re: Studio 14 patch

    Meanwhile, try distributing those 40+ chapter points in a way that you don't put more than 20 on any single menu.
  •  12-16-2009, 15:42 362806 in reply to 362226

    Re: Studio 14 patch

    Well - I have eksisting projects from S11 and S9 with 100 menus. Dont feel like reediting all of them to get BD output.

    Why should I go for not using more than 20 menus when system should support it ?

    Doing multible menus dont work either. and as I have said before in other posts - dont understand why S14 hangs with no error message a log or anything to tell me what is wrong. I'm not doing anything fancy. Very simple stuff that just dont work....

  •  12-16-2009, 16:43 362817 in reply to 362806

    Re: Studio 14 patch

    dont understand why S14 hangs with no error message a log or anything to tell me what is wrong.
    The only logged event when Studio hangs,  would be in Event Viewer & the only message is usually "Application Hang", which could be for a number of reasons. The most common being too ambitious with the amount of material you're Editing/Rendering in the Timeline & other Programmes starting-up in the background whilst doing-so.

    Not everyone's workflow is the same. I don't have S14. However Studio very seldome hangs here, because I Render to a number of short File DV-AVIs & then put them together for a final Render, with minimal or no quality loss..

    The only times Studio is prone to hanging here, is when plugging-in & out of Heroglyph too many times & too quickly. Usually resulting in an error message stating that Heroglyph needs to be reinstalled, which isn't in fact the case & there's a very quick workaround for that.

    In short: The least amount of material on the Timeline equals the least number of Studio "Hangs", IMO.       

  •  12-17-2009, 9:54 363006 in reply to 362817

    Re: Studio 14 patch

    Here is what I do:

     Take a still picture to the timeline. Copy it 50 times.

    Take a standard menu and let it create chapters. Do NO editing in any way.

    Then I try to create a BD file on disk. No burning. S14 will render and then come to "Creating the final file" - or something like that (dont use english version),

    After a while I get an error from Windows saying S14 has stopped - and all I can do is quit. No errormessages or logs. All Pinnacle support can say is "Reinstall application".

  •  12-17-2009, 10:29 363014 in reply to 363006

    Re: Studio 14 patch

    Attachment: bluray.jpg

    OK, this is what I did

    • (added - started a 1920x108050i project)
    • Took a still picture to the timeline -  (1536x1024px 460kb jpeg)
    • Copied it 50 times (resulting in 51 clips of 4 seconds each)
    • Took 50s modern sub 16:9 menu, changed the minimum chapter length to 3 seconds and let it create chapters.
    • Created BD file on hdd disc.

    Result below

    So, I'd guess the first thing is to ask in your case is if it starts to build the BR disc structure in the designated location before it crashes?



  •  12-17-2009, 11:33 363030 in reply to 363014

    Re: Studio 14 patch

    During 2008, several threads discussed the "writing final file" hang, some involving SD, but mostly HD disc probjects:

    Here is one which was very explicity about a project and menu structure that resulted in a nightmare:

    The user attempted multiple changes and finally succeeded.  Alas, it's not clear precisely what action untangled the knot. 

    50 stills and 60 (?) chapters, per se, are not much of a strain.  jjn's test might be more realistic if the stills also had lots of PAZ, animations, and overlays.  The stress also rises if there are hundreds of AVCHD clips and maybe dozens of transitions or title overlays,  The minimum number of chapters, or the chapter structure, are another test imension.

    The problem is not that the "writing final file" hang always occurs, but that it does occasionally.  Sometimes I've successfully created disc images,  on a 4-hour timeline with 90 chapters and all kinds of content, but then collide with the WFF problem after I later introduce additional content at an early or mid-point in the timeline.

    Once the problem appears, the user must either:

    1. Quit the "Make Movie," re-start the program, let the auto-save function reload the aborted project, unclick the "always re-code entire movie," resume the BD image creation and (with luck) see Studio leap immediately to the final file righting and (with more luck) see it complete properly. 
    2. Delete the AUX files and try again.
    3. Simplify the chapters or reduce the number of chapter points significantly.
    4. Shorten the project, or
    5. Pre-edit and export complex sequences as single intermediate files, usually in HDV, and then import the edited files into a final timeline and set up the chapter points and menus.

    #5 is close to a cure-all.  Re-creation of the  menus and chapter is less trouble than it seems, especially since the final time-line stability will be higher and more preview friendly.  The only drawback is some loss in IQ, mitigated by doing everying in the highest bitrate consisten with disc space.  It also helps if one takes this measure with only the most render-demanding segments of the timeline, just enough to lower the final rendering threshhold.

    Some people solve the problem by removing root buttons or by shifting the virtual memory to the defaul "system managed" mode, from whatever custom mode they may have picked.

    I'm curious whether the problem might vanish if one has an i7 CPU or 1TB graphics card, but perhaps not.

  •  12-17-2009, 11:45 363035 in reply to 363030

    Re: Studio 14 patch

    jjn's test might be more realistic if the stills also had lots of PAZ, animations, and overlays.
    I'm not sure I buy that. I've done (what I hope is) exactly the same complexity of project as the OP. His project crashed, mine didn't. When he posts back his exact settings, I'll try to replicate them.

    Assuming a similar process to DVD making, once "rendering menus" and "writing frame x of x" has completed, the heavy CPU work is done. Studio then is trying to build the disc structure image. I don't think raw power is the issue at that stage. Having enough space or a valid location in which to do so might be, though.

  •  12-17-2009, 23:28 363193 in reply to 363035

    Re: Studio 14 patch

    Thanks all for valuable input.

    I will investigate over week-end and see if I can find a fix.

    I'm conserned that my problem seems to have been existing since 2008 and with earlier versions of Studio too.


  •  12-21-2009, 8:49 364117 in reply to 363193

    Re: Studio 14 patch

    I have now come abit further with my BD problem and "Project with many chapters".

    Have found out that after all the rendering and when S14 "Generate final file" it will first save .m2ts files in the STREAMS directory of all the menu pages and name them 00100.m2ts, 00101.m2ts, 00102.m2ts  etc and then move on to generating the big .m2ts file containing all video called 0000.m2ts

    When I get problems S14 only creates the 00100.m2ts - skips the rest and move on to making the big 0000.m2ts file - then that is done S14 "Stops working"

    What I have done with success is:

    I took an old Menu definition from S11 - one I have customised abit.

    Removed the background image and also removed 2 of the 3 "Thumbnails" on the menu.

    Now it only has a 2 textboxes, one "Thumbnail" and the navigation arrows".

    When I use that menu it has now generated 5 BD projects for me ......

    During testing I have found that it is a good idea to check the STREAMS folder to see if S14 generates all the 001xx.m2ts files - if only 00100.m2ts is there and it goes on to 0000.m2ts - then you know it will fail ......

    One of the advantages in S14 was the many new advanced menues - my conclusion is - drop all that - keep that part SIMPLE.

    Still annoyed that S14 can have errors like this for many versions and no proper error-messages or usefull help at support....



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