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Pinnacle UK shortcomings

Last post 12-07-2009, 5:35 by jjn. 3 replies.
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  •  12-05-2009, 4:05 359530

    Pinnacle UK shortcomings

    Sometime ago I registered my product with Pinnacle UK. When I now try to log in to their registration page, it won't let me, saying either the username or password is incoorect.

    So, I have done the normal thing two times. I clicked the forgotten password button. Both times it has come back with the same username and password that I have been using. It also has a link to update my profile. When clicked, this asks me for the username and password they provided, which it rejects.

    There is also a link to contact them. The page it tries to direct me to does not exist.

    I am trying to chase an order which is overdue, but it seems thay have arranged it so there is no way to contact them about it. Suffice to say they have taken my money via paypal, but have not delivered.

    I'm sorry to rant about this on this forum, but I don't know what else to do. It is in the hope that somehow, this message will get back to Pinnacle UK that they are far from perfect. Even if it does, I doubt they will take any action as this will mean they have to do some workSadSadCryingCrying

  •  12-05-2009, 4:25 359532 in reply to 359530

    Re: Pinnacle UK shortcomings

    Just to be clear, you know there are 4 different password/user names? The forum is one, the registration is another, the estore another and email support is yet another? So your registration password isn't valid for the estore - mine has three digits, whereas the estore requires a minimum of 6.

    I've been browsing round the UK support links. Can you post a link to the one that doesn't work for you?

  •  12-07-2009, 3:38 360130 in reply to 359532

    Re: Pinnacle UK shortcomings

    Thanks jjn. The one I am trying to log into is This is the one they gave me when they told me my password, which was the same as the original. It is the registration page, so I suspect I am using the wrong site (not the estore, which I will need for my order check. However, it lists an out of date email, different to my current (which is the one they advised I should use). Using either the outdated or the current with the password they provided gives an incorrect login page.

    I'll try logging in directly to the estore, rather than trying to get to my profile to track my orders.


  •  12-07-2009, 5:35 360141 in reply to 360130

    Re: Pinnacle UK shortcomings

    I've logged into the page you link to, and although I get lots of information, there is nothing about my estore orders there - so I suspect its the estore you need to get into.

    In the past, where people have been locked out of logging in because they have not got access to the email address they used in the past, the moderators here have been able to come to the rescue......

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