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delay in mp4 & missing waveform

Last post 08-05-2009, 14:16 by yon. 2 replies.
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  •  08-04-2009, 14:29 327507

    delay in mp4 & missing waveform

    I have two problems

    1) I created a mp4 and there is a timelag between the audio and video - the audio is leading - it's only just noticable

    I imported the .mp4 into LE to confirm this by looking at waveforms of the original and the mp4

    the original looks OK

    but then I met problem 2

    2) On the mp4 I could see the waveform - on the original I can't - I can see the volume and pan - but even though I turned the wave form on - I couldn't see it

    The original is an avi I created by exporting the original as a fused file, running defrag via virtualdub

    and importing it back into LE

    Can anyone help please ?


  •  08-05-2009, 8:39 327662 in reply to 327507

    Re: delay in mp4 & missing waveform

    1) What exact settings did you make on export to MP4 ?
    2) This could be a codec mismatch. Basically Liquid converts the audio in the backgroun to WAV to handle the audio plot. Does the audio play ? Did you get any errors on import ?
  •  08-05-2009, 14:16 327723 in reply to 327662

    Re: delay in mp4 & missing waveform

    Hi Draske

    The codec mismatch might be right - when I played it on a quicktime player I got the delay

    with nero showtime it was better although I'm not sure it's spot on, when I imported into  LE it look OK - I put the original and the mp4 side byside and played them and there was no "echo" - so they where in sync

    The export settings are 640 x480 progressive, 25 FPS, 3.8 Mb peak bitrate, audio 48Khz, stereo 16bit MPEG-4128 audio bitrate

    The audio codec is PCM

    Now what ? Does that mean that I can't play it back in quick time ?

    I wanted to upload it to Vimeo - I supposed I can do that and see how the sync works there

    Any idea why I can't see the waveform on the original avi ? - the audio plays back ok

    Perhaps because it's an output from virtual dub ? It's a very big file 24 GB so I don't know how it's encoded







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