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importing mxf XDCAM HD

Last post 03-21-2010, 16:45 by jonahtebaa. 9 replies.
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  •  05-26-2009, 1:00 310676

    importing mxf XDCAM HD

    hi to all


    i´ve got an question i got problems with importing mxf files!  Liquid is importing it but only video no audio and then some clips are to short as their original length! Any Idea

    the mxf file format is XDCAM HD  but it doesn´t come from the disk i got it as an file .mxf

    The format of the file is Editing - XDCAM HD 422 i50  (1920x1080, 50Mb/s)
    Is it perhaps an codec problem?  i can transcode it with other software but it takes time and i can´t get it why it should not work? Liquid does support xdcam hd or i´m wrong
    thanks in advance


  •  05-26-2009, 6:36 310722 in reply to 310676

    Re: importing mxf XDCAM HD

    Are you using Sony's software to export to MXF? If yes, what version. the latest version, 2.5, does not work correctly with Liquid.
  •  05-28-2009, 2:21 311296 in reply to 310722

    Re: importing mxf XDCAM HD

    No i´m not talking about using the sony clipbrowser!

    I mean we working with a lot of companys which are sending mxf files to edit over server etc.

     and now i got a lot .mxf files from an sony xdcam hd cam but only the .mxf file so if i import that into liquid the video comes up shows 1920x1080 hd format

    but no audio always if i open the same files with different software like media composer adobe etc it is with audio and it is a little bit longer then the same file which is imported into liquid.

    so in the moment i always have to transcode it bevore i can use it in liquid!

    Is there any problem with liquid and xdcam hd or mxf files in generall!

    any answer can be helpfull

    thanks in advance manu

  •  05-29-2009, 1:16 311569 in reply to 311296

    Re: importing mxf XDCAM HD

    Hi Manu,

    We have done numerous projects using XDCAM HD (35Mb 1440 x 1080) using Xreceive with no problems at all. The proxies were brought in at low res and then automatically conform to the high res when we brought in the high res. Low res audio was a bit glitchy, but low-res video was fine. As soon as the high-res material came in, up came the high-def...  I do remember being really surprised with how well Liquid worked with the XDCAMs. I hope (and pray) that NextGen will build on this work flow and include the new 50Mb formats.

    Sorry, but I don't have any experience with the new 1920x1080 50Mb format - we've moved over to EX3's for XDCAM and F23's and '35's for HDCAM/SR....

    That's my experience for what it's worth....



  •  05-29-2009, 2:07 311577 in reply to 311569

    Re: importing mxf XDCAM HD

    Hi DiskTech

    So that sounds then that the liquid does not support the new 1920x1080 50Mb over import or x recieve it only can take a limitted length in and only without audio also over xrecieve in this new format it only shows the clip in the timeline if you choose highres material otherwise it works in the viewer but on the timeline only with exclamation mark!

    To Support

    Is there any chance to get that up and running or have we again to wait on the nextgen? It´s getting really annoying now!

    The ex3 .mxf are working but only with clipbrowser software 2.0  and why can´t there be an direct import of that like in adobe or edius ..... 


    thanks manu

  •  03-21-2010, 11:15 389330 in reply to 311577

    Re: importing mxf XDCAM HD

    I am having exactly the same problem. And nothing solved yet! Is there another Avid editor that would do it? Is there not a solution?
  •  03-21-2010, 11:32 389334 in reply to 389330

    Re: importing mxf XDCAM HD

    If you are a registered Liquid owner as of March 10th, you are entitled to the $495 upgrade to Avid Media Composer (full version). There is lots of discussion about this here. MC will handle this format without problems. The list price of MC is about $2500 so this is a great deal for Liquid owners.
  •  03-21-2010, 11:43 389336 in reply to 389334

    Re: importing mxf XDCAM HD

    Well, to be honest, I am not very familiar with MC. Is it similar to Liquid in a way? And is it as easy to create DVD menus with it? Is multi cam editing as easy too?
  •  03-21-2010, 11:58 389343 in reply to 389336

    Re: importing mxf XDCAM HD

    It is an NLE. They are all similar. MC comes with DVDit Pro HD by Sonic (called Avid DVD in the package). Yes, it is fairly easy to use and can create Bluray as well as regular DVD's. In many ways the multicam feature of Avid is easier to use than Liquid's and it supports mixed format video which Liquid does not. The best thing to do is downlaod the free trial version at and play with it for 30 days. You will not get the $3000 worth of third party software that comes in the MC package with the free trial (you will if you buy it) but you will have the complete MC core program to play with and see how you like it and how it works with your footage. I believe you can import from that camera with AMA which makes it very easy to bring file based camera footage into MC. Again, it is free to play with and see if you like it.
  •  03-21-2010, 16:45 389375 in reply to 389343

    Re: importing mxf XDCAM HD

    Thank you very much. I have been using avid liquid for years now. My first Purchase was Pinnacle. :) And I never knew I could get so much help from here. Thank you VERY much for your patience and time to reply.
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