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Another Problem

Last post 07-01-2008, 21:03 by Marc P.. 5 replies.
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  •  07-01-2008, 8:55 205229

    Another Problem

    First of all, thanks to those who helped me sort out my problem with installing the Studio 10.8 patch.


    Now however I have another problem. While in studio I go to change my capture source to the DVC170 or whatever it's called, but when I go the system crashes immediately after I hit "OK". I downloaded the Stido 10.8 Vista 32 version which is the only possible problem I can think of (I don't know if I have Vista 32 or 64)

  •  07-01-2008, 9:26 205242 in reply to 205229

    Re: Another Problem

    I'd say it was essential that you install the correct version - 32 or 64. So you will need to find out what version of Vista you have. I'd be surprised if you did have 64-bit and didn't know.

    I don't have Vista, so I can't guide you to where to find the info, but if you can't find it, ask again and someone is bound to help.

  •  07-01-2008, 9:48 205249 in reply to 205242

    Re: Another Problem

    I think that all 3 links go to the same download -- in other words, there isn't any difference between the 10.8 patch for XP, Vista32 or Vista64.  I think.

    Sounds more to me like either a bad install of the application (yuck!), or a bad install of the drivers of the capture device.


  •  07-01-2008, 9:55 205250 in reply to 205249

    Re: Another Problem

    Sorry - I misread that. I thought you were talking about drivers. Have you loaded the vista drivers for the DVC 170?

    (did you have a nice holiday Bittmann? You missed some drama)

  •  07-01-2008, 15:35 205453 in reply to 205250

    Re: Another Problem

    Ya, It was juicey.
  •  07-01-2008, 21:03 205530 in reply to 205453

    Re: Another Problem

    Try this thread for that issue.
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