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Studio 12 Upgrade

Last post 06-30-2008, 21:42 by Marc P.. 14 replies.
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  •  06-23-2008, 11:39 201644

    Studio 12 Upgrade

    I finally recieved my Studio 12 upgrade but now I would like to know on how I can get the features that S11 had (Stage Tools, Vance Effects, and other effects Studio 11 had). I have not fooled around yet with S12, but I still have installed S9 and S11 and seems it is working perfectly without any complications at all. Whenever I do my first project in S12 I will update anything that might pop up all of a sudden. Thanks for all of your suggestions.

    P.S.  The only thing I did not like about registering this software was that they give you a free special effect (which is the dream glow) and I already had it in S11U and it was automatically opened in S12U when I opened it. Well, wish they could have offered something else much better.

  •  06-23-2008, 12:38 201662 in reply to 201644

    Re: Studio 12 Upgrade


     Have you tried using the Content transfer tool to move your 11 content over?



  •  06-23-2008, 12:52 201670 in reply to 201644

    Re: Studio 12 Upgrade

    Your S11 Ultimate and Bonus disks should work with S12. 

    Although, I found you need to remove all previous versions before attempting to run the S12 Transfer Wizard and then only use it to prepare your PC for "accepting" the S11 ultimate/bonus disks. I say this from one night of pulling my hair out. I am bald now.

    The only thing that doesn't work great anymore is Bias soundsoap (it can be a bit hit and miss) and Smartsound can also be difficult to reinstall with Quickinstaller. A shame if you've spent a lot of money building up a library. S12 now uses Scorefitter instead (a midi equivalent). The S12 conversion of older projects is much better than the S11 conversion, which used to leave your soundtack with strange volume levels that you ended up having to re-dub.

    The Dream glow filter must be one of the least used. But there are plenty of virtualdub filters on the net, plus Declic Video ones and audio vst filters.

  •  06-23-2008, 13:10 201682 in reply to 201644

    Re: Studio 12 Upgrade

    Here is what it says in the Pinnacle Knowledge Base:

    "Does Pinnacle recommend you uninstall previous versions of Studio during the Studio 12 installation?


    Although it is possible to install Studio 12 while an older version of Studio is still installed on the computer, it is not recommended. Studio 12 is meant to be used as the only version of Pinnacle Studio installed on the system.


    NOTE 1: This only applies if you are installing from a Studio 12 Upgrade, which requires proof of previous Studio ownership. You need to make sure you have your discs and serial number of your previous Studio version before uninstalling.


    NOTE 2: Uninstalling previous versions of Studio will not delete old projects or footage since these files are by default stored in the My Documents area."


    My experience this does not work! I went to an extreme because I wanted to start with a clean slate. I did a clean install of Vista 32 bit before getting the Upgrade (Thinking all I would have to do is put in my Studio 11 disk to prove I had a previous version.) Well in my case this did not work. I put in the Studio Upgrade Install disk and as I had expected got a message saying there was no previous version of Studio Installed installed. The dialog asked me to hold the shift key while taking out the Version 12 disk and to put in the Version 11 disk. I followed the instructions, and then was prompted to put in the Version 11 serial number,  I did that and then after pressing ok was prompted to hold down the shift key and put in the Version 12 disk again, I did that and was then prompted to Put in the Version 12 disk, this happened over and over. I called tech support and after repeating the above steps, rebooting vista and again reapeating the above steps to no avail (You know the drill). Any way it was suggested that I copy the Version 12 DVD to my Harddrive and try the install again and this would solve the problem. I got the same results, stuck in an infinite loop. I called tech support again and after repeating all the same steps again, the support guy says "Who told you to remove version 11?" I told him the Pinnacle Knowledge Base! He informed me that I would have to install version 11 first. Ok, so I did that and presto the software installed. I then ran the transfer thing and all my plugins from version 11 were installed.

     Now for the second problem. After I installed version 12 I tested it out a bit with the sample program and some of my own stuff. No problem! Then here is where things went wrong again. I decided to clear up some space and remove version 11. I ran the Pinnacle registery cleaner after that, only telling it to clean version 11. Then I opened up Version 12 and as soon I as I opened a plugin the program crashed with no warning. Each time I opened it I tried a diffrent plugin and crash!  Oh not not another install! Well here is what I tried first. I put back the Version 12 install disk and was prompted if I wanted to uninstall or repair. I gave repair a try and to my relief this cured the problem.

     Anyway I hope this saves someone from wasting the 6+ hours of grief I had with my upgrade from version 11 to 12. I kind of wished I would have just got the full version now! 

    I don't know if all these problems are just related to my hardware, if others have this problem I think the Knowledge Base needs to be edited.

     DELL XPS600 Intel Duel Core 3.0 GHZ, 2 GIG RAM, Duel Nvidia 7900GS SLI MODE, Sound Blaster XFi Extreme Music Audio, 2- 300 GIG HD's, running Vista 32 bit.

  •  06-23-2008, 16:00 201752 in reply to 201644

    Re: Studio 12 Upgrade

    Thanks everyone for your suggestions. I have not yet fooled around with this software cause I just barely installed it today and had to work the mid shift too. Will let you know of any results asap.
  •  06-23-2008, 16:34 201760 in reply to 201662

    Re: Studio 12 Upgrade

    Hello Jon RT

    I think I used the trasfer content. I only saw a notice that said something like that when I installed the disc and just pressed yes or ok. I have to double check sometime later on. Thanks

  •  06-23-2008, 18:58 201787 in reply to 201760

    Re: Studio 12 Upgrade

    Keep us posted R_Vera.
  •  06-24-2008, 1:42 201872 in reply to 201787

    Re: Studio 12 Upgrade

    It sounds like you've used the transfer wizard with S11 installed. Unfortunatetly, The Transfer Wizard doesn't copy everything from S11, as it should. So much so, that if you then remove S11, it will remove important files and registry entries that S12 is still using. Such as Hollywood FX registry entries, 3D transition overlays and ProDAD plugins. Thus causing pain and heartache from people who thought an upgrade was like any other upgrade. Ho ho!

    #  The trick is to use transfer wizard in a different mode i.e. to accept S11 disks and not try to transfer/duplicate content from one part of your hard drive to the other - it didn't work for me and lot of others.

    Workaround (only my suggestion, but it worked for me after pulling my hair out until I was bald. The last time I was bald was Studio 9.0, I skipped 10 altogether to allow my hair to grow back)

    1. Don't use Pinnacle Registry Cleaner.

    2. Have a working S11 in place

    3. Install S12 Upgrade Part 1 and Part 2, instantDVD and that label thingy

    4. Don't use the transfer Wizard until you remove S11 !!  If you do, it will only copy half the stuff you need, or rather, it is unable to prevent shared registry entries being subsequently damaged by S11 removal, such as 3D transitions and ProDAD plugins . It doesn't physically copy these ProDAD plugins as they were 'installed' with, and form part of, S11's uninstall file.So, removing S11, removes them anyway. But we'll fix that.... 

    5. Remove "Studio 11", "Studio Ultimate" and "Bonus" program entries from start -> control panel -> add/remove Programs

    6. Run S12 installer (again) and THEN choose "Transfer wizard" (obviously there is nothing to transfer as we got rid of S11) but it will "Prepare" your PC to accept the S11 Ultimate & Bonus disks (honestly it will!)

    7. Insert Ultimate disk (it should auto install and not moan about there being no S11 installation as the Transfer Wizard will have set the registry to accept it)

    8. Install Bonus disk (takes a long time to install mainly because of all the premium stuff and the flag icons of every country on the planet, plus menus, backgrounds, overlays, etc)

    9. HFX, 3D Transitions, Bias Sounsoap and ProDAD Vita (full), HeroGlyph (demo) and Adorage (demo) should now work.



    If you don't want to go to the trouble of reinstalling S11, then just make sure you've removed any S11 entires in the add/ptograms of control panel, like ultimate or Bonus. But, please don't run registry cleaner as this will remove your S11 activation keys and although this shouldn't be a problem for an upgrade, it could put you back in your endless loop of disk loading. You're the first to report that.

    Run Transfer Wizard. Choose the version of studio whose disks you'd like your PC to read and then quit the installer. Just reload your previous S11 ultimate and Bonus disks.

    You may have to re-install smartsound (if you have a library worth speaking of), as S12 wasn't designed to transfer this, because it replaced it with something called 'Scorefitter' (Midi based). Also Bias Soundsoap will operate but not as good as it did in S11. There are updates available from the websites of these third-parties. I did try the Bias update but it just kept crashing for me, so I removed it and went back to the original version of soundsoap.



  •  06-24-2008, 1:51 201875 in reply to 201872

    Re: Studio 12 Upgrade


    You may have to re-install smartsound, as S12 wasn't designed to transfer this, as it now uses Midi Scorefitter. Also Bias Soundsoap may not work as good as it did in S11.

    I just completed the Studio 12 upgrade and my SmartSound was never affected.  After installing Studio 12 (with Studio 11 still present) I verified that SmartSound was found and working fine.  Proceeded thru lengthy steps to complete 12 and uninstall 11 and at the end, my old music was still there.  I have Windows XP and had latest Quicktracks installer ( for that version.

  •  06-24-2008, 10:34 202041 in reply to 201644

    Re: Studio 12 Upgrade

    Studio 12 Upgrade (Update)

    Well, I updated everything mentioned in here (transfering files, etc). and once I removed S11U and tried to open S12, my computer started to crash on me constantly. I had to re-install the Soundsoap CD and the Bonus DVD Content from Studio 11U (which took me over 2 hrs to complete) and removed S11U too (before I re-installed the bonus dvd) and when I opened S12U and an error message came out when I opened S12 stating something about "Cannot open a file on C Drive". I then closed the program and tried opening it again and seems the error message did not appeared again. Checked all transitions on S12 and seems they are all working perfectly. I have not yet made a video to check the final results. I am still trying to check this program to see what other errors I find. I checked Smartsounds and Scorefitter and seems they are working perfectly. I also have all the Video effects plug-ins installed too. I will keep you all posted on any updates I may have later on. Thanks for all of your help you have provided to me as well as to others too.

    I also have SP3 Installed and did not have any difficulties with it.

  •  06-25-2008, 15:25 202577 in reply to 202041

    Re: Studio 12 Upgrade

    Given that you have Soundsoap and scorfitter and the Xfi soundcard, these are good results to the least. Please keep us posted if you find any issues.
  •  06-26-2008, 18:45 203113 in reply to 201644

    Re: Studio 12 Upgrade

    Studio 12 Upgrade (Update 2)

    Just wanted to let you know that I finally made my first project and seems that everything is working perfectly. This is only on making a tape. I have not tried yet on making a Disc or used other effects that came with S12U. Below is a list of what I know of some facts about Studio 12U.

    1. No comments on capturing....since I had already captured every video using S11U or S9 Plus.

    2. Editing mode was normal. Project just crashed on me once when inserting music, but I think it was my error because I was working too fast in inserting the audio (music). Smartsounds and Scorefitter worked perfectly without any errors.

    3. No comments on audio in video. No fades, skipping audio, no audio or other errors found yet.

    4. Rendering is as usual as S11U, but I think due to making color corrections on video which took a little longer than expected, but that was normal as usual. Unknown how fast will it render (Background Rendering) when no corrections needs to be done. Will find out later on.

    5. Made AVI File and worked perfectly. The only thing that took too long was when program was detecting the scenes (took approx. 15-20 Minutes) but I don't know if my project was too big (2 hrs 40 min).

    For the meantime I give two thumbs up on this project (making tape).

    Have to do more testings on making disc and using more video effects to give my final judgement. I don't do HD Discs or Blue-Ray Discs yet , just normal DVD's.  Will keep on posting more updates whenever possible. Your comments and suggestions are also welcomed.

  •  06-26-2008, 19:06 203120 in reply to 203113

    Re: Studio 12 Upgrade

    I'm delighted to see that everything is working well for you. Please keep us posted with your further testing.
  •  06-27-2008, 21:56 203615 in reply to 201682

    Re: Studio 12 Upgrade

    Thanks, all.  Joined the forum out of desperation with the "dreaded loop" which is still not conquered.  Had a similar problem going from S9 to S11.  Did NOT remove S9.  With S12, removed S9 and S11U (I read the KnowledgeBase, too).

    AVID/PINNACLE has a good product, but their installation programs leave about 98% to be desired.

    Sorry, had to vent.  I'll be nicer next time. Confused

  •  06-30-2008, 21:42 204980 in reply to 203615

    Re: Studio 12 Upgrade

    I'm sorry to hear that your having trouble. Could you clarify what you mean by the "dreaded loop"?
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