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Studio 11 Bonus DVD - cannot do partial installations of some disk-hogging components

Last post 06-01-2008, 7:24 by culpanr. 0 replies.
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  •  06-01-2008, 7:24 187138

    Studio 11 Bonus DVD - cannot do partial installations of some disk-hogging components

    I observe that whan I install the Bonus DVD, although I am presented with a set of check-boxes with which to choose the compinents to install, I have no finer control - particularly over the disk-hogging components (Premium Pack 1 and Premium Pack 2).

    (a) If I choose to install either Premium Pack I get the whole lot: menus, titles and sound effects. I am not interested in the sound effects, IMO just 750MB of garbage - but I cannot choose not to install them (I did have that choice in previous Bonus DVDs (certainly for S9 and possibly for S10 as well).
    (b) If I choose 3rd-party audio effects I get the whole lot - I am not shown a list of the effects and I do not have the option of picking just the ones I am interested in and want to evaluate.

    By comparison, the of 3rd-party video effects has a further level of the "tree" shown during the installation; it is possible to choose only a subset of the effects, for example choose only to install Heroglyph and not any of the others).

    I have tried:
    i. Inserting the bonus DVD and picking "Modify" - tried removing Premium Pack 1 and reinstalling it - no choice offered, have the whole pack or nothing.
    ii. Tried completely uninstalling the bonus DVD and reinstalling it - again not offered any choice - have the whole pack or nothing!

    The best I can do is just to let the whole pack install, then delete the unwanted sound effect files (the "UFX" categories still show in the list of folders in the Album in Studio, but the folders are empty).


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