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Installation Hangs Indefinately

Last post 03-11-2008, 20:08 by colour. 17 replies.
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  •  02-18-2008, 8:04 122228

    Installation Hangs Indefinately

    I've had to un-install my Studio 10 due to program continuously crashing.  I've been trying now to re-install but after registration pages the installation/progress hangs at "Studio 10 is now configuring your computere for installation" at the 2 bar progress point.  I last left the computer for an hour, but no progress.


  •  02-18-2008, 8:18 122235 in reply to 122228

    Re: Installation Hangs Indefinately

    Hello Dpomper,

    The reason for that is the IE7 version that your using , try to Follow this 3 Step :

    1. Download & Run PixieTool.Zip file

    2. Run the Pixie5Updater tool.

    3. Lunch the Studio installation. The installation should then complete correctly.


    Hope it helps


    Marcus  Geeked


  •  02-18-2008, 8:22 122239 in reply to 122235

    Re: Installation Hangs Indefinately

    Thanks Marcus,

    I'll let you know if it works or not.


  •  02-18-2008, 9:05 122272 in reply to 122235

    Re: Installation Hangs Indefinately

    Lunch the Studio installation. The installation should then complete correctly.

    And if it doesn'tWink

    Go To: Control Panel / ADD/REM PROGS / Enable "Show Windws Updates", if they aren't shown. Scroll-down to Internet Explorer 7 & Remove it. You'll automatically "Roll-Back" to IE6. 


  •  02-19-2008, 5:55 122768 in reply to 122235

    Re: Installation Hangs Indefinately


    That did the trick.  Thanks.


  •  02-19-2008, 10:43 122999 in reply to 122768

    Re: Installation Hangs Indefinately

    Thanks for keeping us posted.
  •  02-19-2008, 13:11 123089 in reply to 122999

    Re: Installation causes vista to change modus operandi

    I had studio ultimate 10 installed on a vista viao computer, it seemed to work fine till one fine day it started to act strangely.  So I purchased studio 11 plus and installed it.  Not wanting to loose my setting and thinking that the upgrade was your typical upgrade I didn't uninstall studio10.  Of course during the install of studio 11 it says that in order for the software to install you must remove the other version of studio.  Ok so I did.

    The next think I start to notice is that studio has taken over my computer and will not allow it to shut down correctly.  I have to force a reboot.  When Vista comes up it realizes that it didn't shut down correctly and I have to go through a few hoops to get vista up and running again.

    After a complete uninstall of studio 11 I attempted to reinstall.  The system went into a tail spin and restored back to an earlier time when everything was pre studio.  Never got studio to work again.  It completely wrote over or killed all the special software for this viao and the only thing was to do a system restore.

    Has anyone had this exprience before?  And if so what did you do?  I'm installing xp on the laptop now to see if I can get that to work.  Now I've got other problems I just discovered that I bought an upgrade to studio 10 and due to the fact that I don't have the disk for 10 I can't install 11.  So I'm completely screwed.

    And the help desk is dying to charge me another $15.00 for a replacement studio 10 which might arrive in 7 to 10 days.  I have to finish this project by Friday and from the looks of things pinnacle doesn't really give a *** about the fact that their application blew the hell out of Vista.  That's not saying much because I really don't think much of Vista.  But the call help guy from India said his supervisor told him for me to send him a proof of purchase.  I've registered with them they have all the details of the products I've purchased.  So if I were joe blow who never bought their product I could call in say I don't have the disk and fudge some proof of purchase they would send me a ligit copy of a program all the other doops like me out there pay over $100 bucks for?  I feel like I've a compete idiot.

    I can't get studio 11 to work on Vista.  And Vista has crashed big time.  I like the product when it works.  But unless someone has got this to work on a viao vgncr220e I wouldn't install it unless you want kaos, lots of frustration and like talking to people who have no clue how to help.  Even the Geeks at Best Buy are worthless, I've known this for a long time but they don't even have a recovery disk they can assist customers with.  They sell the computers but don' t have a recovery disk.

  •  02-19-2008, 16:35 123190 in reply to 123089

    Re: Installation causes vista to change modus operandi

    Sorry to hear of your very bad luck.

    I know this won't help you at the moment, but perhaps it will help you or others in the future. The very first thing that one should do, before making any sort of change to the hardware or software of the computer, is to make an image backup of your drive. Now, no matter what happens, you can get back to your previous point in an hour or two. System Restore is not meant for this sort of thing and it certainly can't compete with an image backup. Two programs are being used successfully, one is Acronis and the other is Norton Ghost. Acronis is cheaper and some say easier to use. I have been using Ghost for a long time and I can't tell you how many times it has saved me. I will do a backup even if I'm only going to do driver updates. The best way is to make your image backup on a second drive, a partition on the same drive will not be as safe. If you should loose the entire drive, you've lost your backup. External drives work great if you can't have a second internal drive.


  •  02-19-2008, 19:10 123248 in reply to 123089

    Re: Installation causes vista to change modus operandi

    Hi Elc0chin0,

    Welcome to the Forums Party!!!

         It is always recommended to uninstall all previous version first, before installing Studio 11, but others here has a Studio 10 & 11( or other previous version) both working on the same Computer without having any issue's at all,

      Do you have a previous Full Version before the Studio 10? if you do try to follow this Installation Procedure for Studio 11 upgrade & also try to end all background application (firewall/antivirus/spyware/screensaver/) before starting the Installation Process



    Marcus Geeked


  •  02-20-2008, 2:29 123405 in reply to 123089

    Re: Installation causes vista to change modus operandi

    They sell the computers but don' t have a recovery disk.

    In that case you might have System Recovery on a "locked" Partion on your C (OS) Drive. Go to: Start / All Progs & look for system Recovery. If you have, you will be prompted to  make your own Recovery DVD for Backup. System Recovery will restore your PC to Factory state, without losing you current settings, Progs & Data.

    Also, Go to: Control Panel / Administrative Tools / Computer Management / Storage / Disk Management. If you have a Recovery Partition, it'll be shown as such.   

  •  02-20-2008, 6:34 123525 in reply to 123405

    Re: Installation causes vista to change modus operandi

    An update.

    The VAIO is dead.  I'm waiting for the recovery disks from Sony.  Apparently, Best Buy will supply the recovery disks when you buy the computer for a fee regardless if you purchased the extended warranty.  If you purchased the EW it only includes hardware issues and will NOT include the OS if they didn't create the Recovery Disks before you walked out of the store.  There's aways a catch.  What bothers me about this is that if BB still has these computers on the shelf why don't they have the Recovery Disks in the back with the Geeks Guys?  I know it makes sense but I guess we're not talking sense.

    Fortunately, I have another Sony VAIO, older model but still works pretty good.  I had Studio 10 Ultimate installed on it sometime ago.  It's loaded with a non standard Sony XP.  All the buttons don't work but the computer works just fine.  Personally Sony makes a good computer I think they should make one without all the additional buttons or have somewhere you can download a 'make all the buttons work patch if you want to configure the os yourself'.

    I tried to install Studio 11 upgrade from the DVD on the XP system with no prior Studio XX installation.  I got the dialog box that suggested I hold down the shift key, insert the other version and press enter.  Doesn't work.  The helpless desk at Pinnacle is also clueless as they suggested I do this in safe mode.  Doesn't work.  You have to install the previous version then uninstall it then install the upgrade.  PITA!

    I applied the Studio 11 XP patch and it works fine.  There is either something funky about the Sony's hooks to the buttons or Vista's permission issues.  And the way Studio 11 installs on Vista.  I've been working with software and computers for the past 15 years and have not seen such problems since Windows 3.0.  Remember when you had to reinstall Windows everytime you installed a new application.  That's Vista.  Which is also a PITA.

    I personally feel that Vista is going the way of ME.  For those of us unfortunate enough to have sunk money into this POS OS we will praise the day that all these Windows apps make cross over apps for Linux.  Not that Linux is any more stable or better but it's got one thing that Windows doesn't, it's FREE.

    This entire exercise has been a total nightmare and I wish this on no one, except the help desk people at Pinnacle.  They have a great product but they have horrible help desk people with zero people skills and absolutely no consideration for the plight their software can cause.  I pray that their arm pits get infested with the millions of biting fleas every time they give customers a hard time.

  •  02-20-2008, 7:38 123576 in reply to 123525

    Re: Installation causes vista to change modus operandi

    Well the install of studio 11 on xp went well.  But now that I've had to move projects, music, pictures etc all over the fricking place its a bit of a bear to set things up the way they were.  I did back up all my data the most important part of this so I have it intact on an external drive in the same directory structure it was in on the original Vista HD.  I guess these are things that Pinnacle should work on.  Due to the fact that the product is unstable when it has to be moved due to Vista's poor configuration or Studio's lack of understanding Vista, Studio should have an option to manage where all the projects pointers and files are located.  Otherwise you can open a project but it has no idea where anything is and when you try to find out by right clicking on the particular file within a project it crashes.

    Pinnacle is very unstable in this circumstance.  And personally outsourcing their helpless desk to Pakistan isn't the answer.  Just my two cents.

    I'm going on the third time I've opened Studio 11 after a crash because it couldn't find the files for a particular project.  Darn, I forgot to install the Bonus DVD with all the extras.  (Doing that now.)

    I think that it would be nice if Pinnacle included a way to manage the files so you could set this up on any system due to the fact that you might have to move from one computer to another. Also, since Studio wants to crash each time it can't find something means there is probably a way to set up an alert to say this project has files located in other places would you like to establish where these files might be located or would you like Studio to find them?

    Also, it might be helpful if Studio were to be able to right click on a file and find out where it may have been once before you had to move it due the fact that it completely destroyed your other computer and their helpless desk is completely clueless as to how to address your frustration other than reading from some monolithic script.  Sorry but I'm just a tad bit sensitive still.

    Like I said, I like what the application can do when it works.  It's just that under circumstances where Microsoft decides to make some new software os that isn't compatible with anything on this earth and programmers fall over themselves to put something on the market to satisfy the new os without proper testing it only serves to make people like myself want some sort of compensation for the work we put in working through the bugs they left in the product.

  •  02-20-2008, 10:14 123672 in reply to 123576

    Re: Installation causes vista to change modus operandi

    Ok it is confirmed Pinnacle Studio Helpless Desk is incompetent.

    I discovered a work around to find mobile files in an old back up project. What good is backing up if Pinnacle Studio cannot find the files? Useless!

    Ok here goes. Studio is smart enough to know when it can't find something so it starts looking in one spot, from where you opened the project. It doesn't look into sub directories or root directories it has no knowledge of directory structure.  Hence, it is probably a good idea to move all files related to a project into one area.  This creates clutter for us who want a little more organization but that's not an intutive thing for Studio.

    If you open windows explorer and hold down the ctrl button and press "F" it will begin to start searching.  When Studio can't find a file it halts and at least tells you which file it's looking for.  This is a good thing. You then hold down the ctrl button and press "C" to copy the name of the file.  Alt Tab back to windows explorer (WE) and paste the name of the file in the search box.  When the file is found which it most certainly will be you make note of where it's located and then toggle back (Alt Tab) to Studio and locate the directory where the file was found.  Studio then goes on to the next file.  Continue this till Studio has all the files it needs and will open old projects fine.  I think it would be better if you could have an option to set up studio to a starting position to locate all files within a project.

    Remember if you've used any of the few dtl's within studio it will ask where they might be located.  If you've got studio loaded on the computer you should be able to find them where the program was installed.  Default is C:/program files/pinnacle/studioxx/

    Here's another problem I just discovered.  Studio 10 and Studio 11 don't have the same dtl files.  I'm guessing these are some sort of transitions.  So keep in mind where you might save these and move them over as well.


  •  02-21-2008, 14:33 124608 in reply to 123672

    Re: Installation causes vista to change modus operandi

    Don't mean to keep hounding this issue of Vista and S11 but I just came across this article which might provide some answers to those of us using Vista.

    Vista Update Can Cause Reboot Loop
    After installing Update 937287 from Windows Update that was released on February 12, 2008, some Windows Vista users have reported that their machines enter into a continuous reboot loop. Microsoft has decided to temporarily suspend automatic distribution of the update while it determines the cause of the problem. People experiencing a continuous loop can fix the problem one of two ways:

    Either or...
    Boot to the Windows DVD and choose the repair option in the lower left hand corner. Select System Restore, and pick a Restore Point predating the attempted installation of the update.

    Boot to the Safe Mode options using F8 during startup. Once in Safe Mode, invoke System Restore from the command prompt by running rstrui.exe. Select an available Restore Point predating the attempted installation of the update. (Safe Mode tutorial)

    Not really sure about if this may have created problems with S11 but it seemed that S11 was having some difficulty even before this Vista patch.  Also my S11 was patched.  If this is the case then I feel Microsoft should replace all broken computers that upgraded and patched.

  •  02-24-2008, 6:57 125857 in reply to 122235

    Re: Installation Hangs Indefinately

    Hi there!

    Thanks a lot for good advices about Pinnacle Studio!

    It's for sure a brutal task to install it properly and also be able to run it smoothly.

    I use it on my laptop with Vista, and now I just made a fresh install of XP in my desktop, and are just now struggling with installation of Studio plus...

    So the Pixie Tool helped me as for the other guy.

    I do have some problems on my Vista laptop, Make Movie doesn't want to work, not to file or to dvd. Rendering stops with some error message everytime. 

    Any ideas?


    Thanks for a good forum!




  •  02-25-2008, 13:43 126584 in reply to 125857

    Re: Installation Hangs Indefinately

    Hello Brutalizer,

    Welcome to the Forums Party!!!

    In regards to a diff issue , i suggest you create a new thread (under make movie category) regarding on your Rendering Issues

    just to keep the forum organizeYes


    Marcus Geeked 


  •  03-11-2008, 18:57 135809 in reply to 122228

    Re: Installation Hangs Indefinately

    i have the same problem when i try to install my studio 10, but i cannot for the life of me find out where i go to uninstall it.  i downloaded the pixie patch, but i dont think it has worked because of the fact that i havent uninstalled studio 10 then reinstalled it.  i know this is probably a dumb question, but could someone please help me out.  Thanks alot

    also i have windows XP if that matters

  •  03-11-2008, 20:08 135823 in reply to 135809

    Re: Installation Hangs Indefinately

    Please read this Link 1st:

    i have the same problem when i try to install my studio 10, but i cannot for the life of me find out where i go to uninstall it.

    So do you have S10 Installed or not?Confused If you have it Installed, why do you want to Uninstall it? Updating to S10.7 Patch may cure any probs you're having. What Version do you have?

    Please answer the above, before we can proceed further. Thanks.

    Welcome to the ForumBig Smile  

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