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Update 11.1 Problem

Last post 03-10-2008, 11:21 by marcus_isaac. 4 replies.
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  •  03-10-2008, 0:10 134389

    Update 11.1 Problem

    Hi all,

     Just bought Studio 11 Plus. I have installed it fine, restart the computer and download the 1.1.2 update and install. Gets 3/4 of the way through and blue screen of death's me. Does anyone know why?


  •  03-10-2008, 0:23 134392 in reply to 134389

    Re: Update 11.1 Problem

    Maybe the program didn't install correctly. Try re-installing it or repairing it and try to install the patch 11.1.1 to see if it works much better. Keep us posted on any progress.
  •  03-10-2008, 0:29 134394 in reply to 134392

    Re: Update 11.1 Problem

    The software installs ok. I can run it and works fine. Some times it freezes up, and i thought it might just need to be updated.
  •  03-10-2008, 2:32 134445 in reply to 134394

    Re: Update 11.1 Problem

    If the program was working perfectly with the previous patch it had, it was better for you to just leave it the way it was. But if the program is starting to freeze up maybe something may be wrong with the program or your computer. It is better for you to remove the program and re-install it again to see if it works much better. See if you don't have the background rendering when editing your movie. You can turn it back on when you finish editing it. Use patch 11.1.1 ( I have it installed and seems to work perfect).

    Check to see if you don't have a corrupted file or music. Try making your project into AVI and then you can make it into a DVD (using safe mode) or Tape.

  •  03-10-2008, 11:21 134884 in reply to 134389

    Re: Update 11.1 Problem

    Welcome to the Forums Jasonflo ,Cool


    Try to Install the Patch in Safemode




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