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Studio 11 vs Roxio Easy Media Creator 10

Last post 03-04-2008, 8:05 by Eclecticats. 3 replies.
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  •  03-04-2008, 6:58 130498

    Studio 11 vs Roxio Easy Media Creator 10

    Presently I am using Roxio Easy Media Creator 9 to trim out video clips from my DVDs I copied from my camcorder.

    When I used Studio 9, I used it to create a movie, so I do not remember if you can trim out video clips as I did with Roxio.

    Roxio lets me capture a file as DivX saving it as an AVI file.

    I can then trim, add titles, transitions, etc.

    It gets saved as a DMSM file.

    I can then export it into a Video (WMV file) with several sizes, file types, audio choices avail, Too many to list to show you. (ie; Mpeg, Mpeg2,3,4, Windows Media, Sony, etc.)

    I can then export it into an Emai (WMV) file with a choice of 3 sizes, so that I am able to take a large file and make an email at a smaller size so that it is 10meg or less to fit on an email.

    I can also then send it via email directly from Roxio.

    Those are the only 2 of the 4 available that I use presently.

    Just wanted to give a sample of what I use Roxio for so you can tell me if Studio 11 will do the same thing.  


    1.  Does Studio 11 do everything that Roxio Easy Media Creator 9 does?

    I presently own Roxio Easy Media Creator 9 and I am using it now. 

    I also own Studio 9 (which I upgraded from 8) along with the MovieBox DV.

    I cannot use this version any more because it does not work on Vista.

    I was thinking of upgrading to 11 so I can use it again. 

    Roxio has it's problems of hanging, not responding, not working and you have to follow 3 pages of directions to uninstall it so you can reinstall it.

    That's the only way you can fix it. Repair does not work. You always have to uninstall and reinstall.

    It also conflicts with RegCure (registry cleaner) I have to remove all references to Roxio so it does not clean the registry for Roxio, but sometimes it happens and then I have to uninstall & reinstall Roxio.

    2.  Does Studio 11 conflict with RegCure?

    Also, if I remember correctly, Studio 9 froze on me and stopped responding sometimes.

    3.  Does 11 still do this? 

    4.  Does Studio have to go through the same uninstall & reinstall as Roxio does every time it stops working and starts giving you problems?

    Since I already have a working Roxio Easy Media Creator 9, will I gain anything by getting Studio 11?


    Is it better than Roxio?


    If Studio 11 is the way to go, then which version of 11?




  •  03-04-2008, 7:23 130512 in reply to 130498

    Re: Studio 11 vs Roxio Easy Media Creator 10


    WELCOME to the forum.  Smile

    You can do what you want (the editing) with Studio, but if have a specific output file type/format you are fond of you might want to double-check that.

    More importantly, be sure your hardware is meets the specifications for Studio (especially the graphics card).

    Studio 11 has proven itself to be quite stable.  Nothing's perfect, but S11 has been very good.

    If you're having a lot of problems with Roxio's software doing basic editing, I would not be surprised if you have similar stability issues with Studio.  There might be something in your system that's leading to some of those problems, so don't be too surprised if it "infects" Studio too.

    Based on the description of what you do, the "basic" version of Studio should be sufficient.  But look at the "Plus" and "Ultimate" versions too before buying it - consider what you might do a couple months from now.



    Oops, I forget, will Studio _edit_ DivX files?  I know you can create them, but can you use them as source footage?  Anyone?

    Eclecticats - What type of camcorder are you using?  How are you "capturing" your footage from the camera to the computer?

  •  03-04-2008, 7:35 130520 in reply to 130512

    Re: Studio 11 vs Roxio Easy Media Creator 10


    If you post information on your computer system, others will be able to determine if your system is adequate for Studio 11. Click on 'start' 'run' and enter, dxdiag. This will give you all the information on your system. From the system, display and sound tab, you will get all the information on your system. Important things are the processor type and speed, amount of ram memory, type of display card and memory, type of sound card.

    There is a place in your profile to enter these items.

    I have been using 11 since it first came out and like it very much. I would suggest that you at least purchase the 'plus' version. This gives you a second video track plus many other features. There is little difference in price. The Ultimate version is the plus version with three additional utility programs included, one for audio noise reduction, one for special effects and transitions, and one for pan and zoom effects.


  •  03-04-2008, 8:05 130544 in reply to 130512

    Re: Studio 11 vs Roxio Easy Media Creator 10

    Thank you for your answers. 

    When I was using Studio 9, I had  XP SP2 and a much smaller Dell computer than I have now.

    My present computer is: 

                             Dell XPS 710  Vista Home Premium Edition 32 Bit

                              NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTX

                              24" wide screen monitor

                              Intel Core 2CPU  6600  2.40GHz, 2394 M

                              3069MB (3GB)  RAM Memory

                              1TB Hard Drive


    I should not have any problems.

    I do know that I did have blue screens, power down and up problems until I ran RegCure and it fixed all these problems. Knock on wood, they have not happened again.

    RegCure just does not work with Roxio. My computer is more important than 1 software. So if some how disrupts Roxio, then I just bite the bullet and uninstall and reinstall Roxio.

    Answer to your questions:


    I know that Roxio creates my capture in DivX which is really an AVI file. This is the file I retrieve when I want to do my trimming. This is my original file. It can then be saved as DMSM, MPEG, WMV, etc.

    I would also need to know if Studio will read in this file, as it is my original file, otherwise it is useless to me. I would have to recapture all my videos.


    You asked how did I capture my footage: 

    I had already copied my Sony Camcorder tapes to DVDs using my Sony DVD Player/Recorder.

    I then used these DVDs to capture to my computer.

    My camcorder is old and does not have a USB connector.

    When I copied VHS tapes from my VCR, using Studio 9,  I used the Pinnacle MovieBox DV which connected to the computer by firewire and allowed me to connect to my VCR with RCA cables.

    I just found some camcorder & VHS tapes that I never copied and I want to use the Pinnacle MovieBox DV to copy from my camcorder & VCR directly to my computer instead of going throught the process of first coping it to DVD using my DVD Player/Recorder as I did in the past. It saves an extra step as well as a DVD.

    I asked Roxio if I could use the Pinnacle MovieBox DV with their software. This way I would not have to upgrade to Studio 11 just so I could use the MovieBox DV to capture a few more tapes that were never done. I am awaiting their reply.  I will try CHAT and see if I can get a quicker answer.                   


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