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performance woes

Last post 04-16-2009, 17:31 by Marc P.. 18 replies.
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  •  02-29-2008, 13:18 128888

    performance woes

    hi all,

     I purchased a new computer as I wanted to edit my hi def movies.  My old computer would NOT do a thing witht he new bigger files.

    ok, so i bought a new computer

    dual core 2.66 ghz
    4 gigs of RAM
    GFORCE 8800 video card with 512 mb ram

    now i am editing my video... its not nearly ideal, but i can get through it.  the issue is it takes 5-10 sexonds between every sceen cut, edit, etc... before i can play the movie again and see the result.

    rendering the titles and fade/wipes, take forever to complete....  at this rate, it will add 3 times the hours i would normally need to complete a project..... 


    is anyone else seeing this ?  I would consider this a fairly high end computer now, but it still isnt good enough ?

    now what... buy another new computer ??


    ps - i even tried to use END-IT-ALL before doing any work to free us memory...  this helps a little


  •  02-29-2008, 13:47 128904 in reply to 128888

    Re: performance woes


    Looks like a similar setup to mine (also HP).  Is the footage AVCHD (What camcorder) or HDV (tape)? If AVCHD, do you have background rendering on?

  •  02-29-2008, 14:01 128916 in reply to 128888

    Re: performance woes

    GFORCE 8800 video card with 512 mb ram[

    There have been quite a few Posts now re: probs with that card in both Studio & Liquid Forums.

    the issue is it takes 5-10 sexonds between every sceen cut, edit, etc... before i can play the movie again and see the result.

    I don't Edit in HD, however I do Import very short uncompressed RAW AVIs into S10.7. For me, on my PC, that would be normal - just have to be patient.

    now what... buy another new computer ??

    IMO, your PC is more than sufficient, except for your Graphics Card. Maybe a 7960 ? would be better. I leave that one to the Graphics cards experts.


    ADDED - Typing whilst Mark was Posting. Since he's an expert in these matters, best to read his Post 1st.

  •  02-29-2008, 15:36 128957 in reply to 128888

    Re: performance woes

    Maybe you could fill us in with the HD videos that you render so we can do our own benchmarking. While you're at it, could you give us the name of the camera where you captured these videos from.

  •  03-01-2008, 12:05 129323 in reply to 128957

    Re: performance woes

    hi again,

    thanks for all of your help thus far.

    I am using a SONY SR8 and its a HDD, avchd format of course.

    Even when writting this message, i have pinnacle open in the background, and my project loaded up, the switching between windows is very laggy....

    would that mean its a video card issue ? 


  •  03-01-2008, 13:20 129348 in reply to 129323

    Re: performance woes

    You  have a very similar set up as I do. I also edit AVCHD footage. IT is just something you get used to, I suppose. You have a number of options (if you don't need the high def):

    • Export to mpeg (expect some quality loss due to transcoding)
    • Start a standard res project (if plan to export only to standard DVD)
    • Make sure you background rendering turned on and allow the green bars to progress before you start to edit
    • Tip - disable "full resolutoin preview" and enable "hardware acceleration" in Video & Audio prefs
    • Make sure that you update to S11.1.2 (11.1.1 and 11.1.2 have enhanced AVCHD performance)

     How big is your project? What resolution is your project? Are there lots of effects?

    I don't find it that painful. No worse than editing DV on an older computer.


  •  03-02-2008, 20:00 129777 in reply to 129348

    Re: performance woes

    hi guys,

    Here is an update.

    I created an "intro" for my video.  Basincally a few titles, videos, and still pics, along with a song.  its only 1 minute long!!!

     I want to bring it over to another project i have worked on ( whats the best way to do this ?? ).. so I created a MPG file in 1440 x 1080i....  i also created a DVD Compatible MPG file to see the differences.

    In the HD Mpg, the video looked ok, but the soundtrack (song) was CHOPPY!

    in the DVD Compatible file, everything was ok.....

    I want to bring it over to the other project and then create a DVD... if i import it, and then render a new movie, will the quaility of the intro suffer twice ?  Once with the file creation, and again with the disk rendering ?

     If the 1440 x 1080 would be smooth, it would be perfect...  but its not!

    what do you guys think.....?????

  •  03-02-2008, 20:13 129779 in reply to 129777

    Re: performance woes

    ok another update,

    i loaded up the completed Mpg files into studio, and i dont hear any choppyness in the audio... only in media player when playing back.....

     ill obviously import the hi-res version to keep the quality as high as possible, as Im not sure yet if i will burn hi-d or DVD or both

    i stil feel like there is something holding the computer back...some type of bottleneck thats slowing everyything else sown....  could it really be the video card ? 

    If i were to buy a best possible video card for the purposes of video editing.. what would it be guys ??  i am willing to spend anything to get what i need at this point !



  •  03-03-2008, 1:05 129840 in reply to 129779

    Re: performance woes

    could it really be the video card ?

    Possibly - Yes, as already Posted & based on the many Posts re: your Card.

    If your PC's Spec is nearly the same as Mark's, then I guess his card would be sufficient. Back to Mark.  

  •  03-03-2008, 2:34 129870 in reply to 129840

    Re: performance woes

    Check your DMA settings for primary display adaptor, make sure it's not set to PIO.
  •  03-03-2008, 5:51 129947 in reply to 129779

    Re: performance woes

    You have the right idea usign a small project to help.

    Have you tried deleting the AUX files and then ensuring "always re-encode movie is checked" in Make Movie? The points I raised earlier are for performance issues. This now sounds like a Make Movie problem. Is that right?



  •  03-03-2008, 12:37 130104 in reply to 129947

    Re: performance woes

    I have a machine I just put together with an 8800 GT 512mb card and I don't have any issues with it.

    Here are a few tricks that I have come up with in the 6mos I have been editing and rendering AVCHD footage.

    ALL my video files from the SDHC card are kept on a single 500gb hard drive that is NOT the rendering drive. I have it set up as G:

    I set up my rendering folder on my C: drive which is 2 WD RaptorX 150's in Raid 0.

    After I bring my files into my project, If I have any files that are longer than 2 min, I clip them, into a max of 45sec clips, making multiple clips.

    I then turn on background rendering, walk away and get a drink.

    Come back in a couple of minutes and start editing with no delays.



  •  03-03-2008, 12:44 130108 in reply to 130104

    Re: performance woes

    Wow - and that is from someone with a quad core!

    Question...How much of a speed gain do you see with the Raptor as your rendering drive vs. a standard 7200 rpm drive? Just curious if it makes sense for me to add a new rendering drive. Is it the processor or the drive that is the rate limiting step?

  •  03-03-2008, 14:16 130181 in reply to 130108

    Re: performance woes

    I don't know about rendering, but I replaced my 7200 RPM system drive with a raptor in my new PC, and it screams. It boots almost 2x as fast, and everything loads in about 1/2 the time it used to. Processor is a 3Ghz Core Duo, 4GB of RAM.


  •  03-03-2008, 15:46 130213 in reply to 130104

    Re: performance woes

    i see you are using the ATI 1 gig card in your specs...

     would you say you are happy with it ?  recommend ?

  •  03-03-2008, 20:37 130287 in reply to 128916

    Re: performance woes

    GFORCE 8800 video card with 512 mb ram

    There have been quite a few Posts now re: probs with that card in both Studio & Liquid Forums.


    Let's get a real ROAR going here...

    I had a 8300GS in my quad Dell, and a buddy put an 8500 in his home-built.

    I can't even get version 9 to sound sync properly and my buddy was having GREEN transitions with 10.7 and then a 'double-exposure' look with 10.8.  I 'upgraded' to an 8500GT and he put in an old FX5200 PCI card.  His runs fine now and mine is still JUNK!  Another buddy runs fine with his 7900GS - so I found one to buy (will try as soon as I get it) - but are we to ignore Nvidia cards 8XXX and higher and go with Radeon since this problem is SO wide spread??



  •  03-04-2008, 8:20 130558 in reply to 130287

    Re: performance woes

    I was having all kinds of problems with editing even with a quad core. A lot  of the same issues the OP is having. After moving stuff around, adding extra drives, formatting, reloading, changing more stuff around reloading, etc. This was the best, most stable and efficient config I could come up with. (what I said in my previous post). 

    Do the dual raptors increase the render speed? I would have to say most definitely, but that is sans any type of real benchmark done. I will say that the difference in rendering times between my regular box at home which is Q6600 OC'd to 3ghz, Intel 975XBX2 2gb ram 2 500gb WDs and 8800GTX 768mb and my AV box which is QX9650, Intel P38 , 3.25gb DDR3, the raptors in Raid0 and the 500gb WD is not even close. Now whether that has to do with the 12mb cache on the QX9650 or with the Raptors, I cannot say.

    I render 1440x1080i AVCHD with edits on the box with the raptors at better than 1:1 probably closer to .75:1 vs the other which renders at about 1.5:1.

     I have the 2900 XT 1gb in my work machine now with a Q6600 and 3 normal 7200 RPM seagate drives, they are in Raid 5 though. I don't have any issues with the 2900 at all. But would I reccomend it over a $229 8800GT? Nope.

    I guess I need to update my profile to my standard AV box specs. 

  •  03-04-2008, 9:02 130576 in reply to 130213

    Re: performance woes


    i see you are using the ATI 1 gig card in your specs...

     would you say you are happy with it ?  recommend ?

     It was a good video card for its time, but its time is past. :)  I have an ATI 3850 coming from NewEgg to replace it. The X1300 did great on my old system (a Dell Dimension 8400), but it's seriously lagging on my new system -- it just can't keep up with the speed of the processor (3GHz E8400 Core Duo). The graphics are ok, but I'm getting more glitches now than I did with the slower system, and even the occasional BSOD caused by the ati.sys driver.




  •  04-16-2009, 17:31 301624 in reply to 130576

    [Migrated] Re: performance woes

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    I have  moved this thread to it respective section from the General Forum.

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