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Should I upgrade to Studio11??

Last post 03-01-2008, 8:27 by bittmann. 8 replies.
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  •  02-29-2008, 7:37 128693

    Should I upgrade to Studio11??

    Hi group. It's been a while since I have posted. I currently have studio 9.4. I am considering upgrading to ver 11 and I know there are some new features but I wondering if it's really worth it.

    In version 11 did they fix the issue where the program freezes up and crashes on a fairly regular basis? I find myslef having to save my project after making any changes while I am workign on my project because studio will just freeze up and if I have not saved I loose all my changes.

    What would be your advice? Sometimes it's better to wait when a newer version come out becasue the "bug" are not worked out yet.

    Thanks in advance 

  •  02-29-2008, 7:42 128698 in reply to 128693

    Re: Should I upgrade to Studio11??

    My advice:  Be sure your computer is capable of running S11 before purchasing S11.

    Your profile is pretty sparse -- what processor does your computer have?  I see you are saying "AMD" -- is it an AMD64?  If so, that's good.

    Your video card in that system -- is it DirectX 9 hardware with dedicated RAM, or is it instead either a shared-memory (Hypermemory or TurboCache are two wordings to watch out for) or older (e.g. NVidia 5200FX or ATI 9200-era) video chipset?  If it's the former, you will likely be OK, but if it's the latter, expect varying degrees of success.

    My take, anyhow...


  •  02-29-2008, 7:52 128707 in reply to 128698

    Re: Should I upgrade to Studio11??

    I am not sure but Ibet my video card is shared memorey. It's a stock HP pavillion that is 3 years old and I nevered upgrarded the memory card. I did add 2 gigs of ram last year however. my processor is an AMD Althalon.

  •  02-29-2008, 8:00 128709 in reply to 128707

    Re: Should I upgrade to Studio11??

    If it's an Athlon64, you should be good-to-go.  If it's an "AthlonXP" (or whatever those were called)...well...not so good for Studio 11 (IMO).

    You can get more info about your system directly from HP (you can look up your system by model #) and/or you can find out more about your video by Start/Run - type in "dxdiag" - and click on the "display" tab.


  •  02-29-2008, 15:48 128965 in reply to 128709

    Re: Should I upgrade to Studio11??

    How to find my computer specs:

    The best way to do this is through Direct X Diagnostics.

    1. Click Start

    2. In XP click Run and type Dxdiag and then press enter.
    In Vista Type Dxdiag in space and press enter.

    3. If prompted with a screen, click YES

    4. Note down the Processor Type, Size of Memory.

    5. Then go to the Display tab, note down the name of the Display adapter.


    • Update your profile with your system specs. Click your name in the upper right hand corner of the page to edit your profile details, then click the About tab and fill out the System description field.
    • Post your Processor Type and speed, amount of RAM, Video card model and amount of Video memory that it has.



  •  03-01-2008, 2:20 129110 in reply to 128965

    Re: Should I upgrade to Studio11??

    I ran the didiag test and here are my spec's on my current computer that studio 9.4 is on

    ADM Athlon 3200 - 2.2ghz

    960mb of ram

    display - 64mb

    On my music studio's PC here are my specs

    Intel P4 3.0 ghz (2 cpu's) ?

    1278mb ram

    Display - 96mb


    I have considered to move studio 9 to my music studio and use it on the P4. However I would need to load the program on an usb external hard drive. Would studio run on an usb HD or does it need to be on the internal drive to run better? How would studio 11 work on the P4 computer? Or should I just stay with version 9?

    Do you think my aMD pc is in part why the program crashes fairly regular? Maybe the processor is not fast enough or up to par to handle a video editing program.


  •  03-01-2008, 6:34 129194 in reply to 129110

    Re: Should I upgrade to Studio11??

    I have the same AMD processor and have no problems. But my system config is different than yours. 1.5gigs of system ram and a separate 256meg video card. If you toss in a AGP video card with 256megs of ram, you should be good to go.

    The same problem with the P4 system. You have shared video memory. You need a dedicated video card.

    There are plenty in the under $100 range that will work. Others can add what cards they use. Me? ATI X800 XT. Upgrading entire computer soon. 

  •  03-01-2008, 7:08 129203 in reply to 129110

    Re: Should I upgrade to Studio11??

    I'm with Tony, my AMD system is similar. Adding a new GPU would probably make yours a satisfactory system for S11.

      Would studio run on an usb HD or does it need to be on the internal drive to run better?
    I've never tried that , but I doubt that it's a good think to do. The Studio program should reside on your system drive.

     Do you think my aMD pc is in part why the program crashes fairly regular? 
    No, I think that Studio 9 would be part of the reason why your computer crashes. It's something that just happens with that version. I'm fairly satisfied with S11, it is very stable as far as the crashing goes.

    If you are using XP, I'm thinking that version 9.3.5 would be what you need It's been stated many times on this forum that it's the best version for that OS.

  •  03-01-2008, 8:27 129242 in reply to 129203

    Re: Should I upgrade to Studio11??

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