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Re: Re:Smartsound clip length can’t be changed in PS26u

  •  04-29-2023, 15:05

    Re: Re:Smartsound clip length can’t be changed in PS26u


    I haven't analyzed differences between single and multi-layer SS music as it relates to issues with SonicFirePro crashing (something I had experiencing).  I went from PS 21U to PS 26U.  Still have 21U on my desktop and 26U on my new laptop. 

    While we can't change length of SS track on PS time line, the method that Tony/Richard just fine tuned of mine to accurately enter a track with correct duration or change if needed has an additional benefit.  This is the first time in ALL THE YEARS that I have used SS where I can enter multiple selections withOUT SFP crapping out, or not showing SEND TO HOST.  I accept having to ALWAYS FIRST LOAD SFP followed by PS (been that way for every version of both I have used) but in the past could only successfully enter ONE SS CLIP. 

    I never polled the community for their experiences but that was mine.  So, losing the ability to change duration on the PS time line turned out to resolve an annoyance ... I don't think ANYONE ever shared this.  I never believe I am the only one.

    I hope somewhere in my response I've answered your question and provided other goodness.


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