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Re: Re:Smartsound clip length can’t be changed in PS26u

  •  04-25-2023, 15:08

    Re: Re:Smartsound clip length can’t be changed in PS26u

    Addendum to my last post:

    Maybe someday, we will be able to drag SmartSound clips in PS 26u as we were able in prior versions of PS.  Here is a bullet-proof method to know the exact duration to set the clip before sending it to the timeline.

    Note: This is so easy to do and remember, you probably will not refer to this after performed once.

    1. On another timeline, place a "M"arker at the start and end points for the audio clip.

    2. Place the position head (hairline) at the start marker.

    3. On another track (best if one not used), click "T"itile to place the title object at the start.

    4. Extend the title to the end marker.

    5. Float of the title. The duration shown is the EXACT amount, including the frame # that is to be placed in Sonic Fire Pro click duration.

    6. Remember to select the timeline you want to place the audio clip.

    7. Now click on SS to open SFP to select the clip, set the duration you read off of the extended Title object, SEND TO HOST TIMELINE


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