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Re: Update PS 26.1.0

  •  01-12-2023, 14:32

    Re: Update PS 26.1.0

    Three additional, not mentioned in Tony's list:

    1.      Localized strings for "Reset Thumbnails" <-- done last minute, needs more work, some translations may be incorrect. 

    2.      Whatever the setting of Autosave in 26.0.1, the default value is now set to 1 minute after installing the 26.1 patch.

    3.      When uncheck Autosave, after a crash and re-launch, the “Continue Editing” option will now be shown. 

    "PS24 or 25 crashes when import/edit HEVC clip"

    Not sure about a hotfix for earlier versions.  Discussing internally, to determine effort and risk. 

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