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Re: Re:PS26U - Audio compression - Ratio

  •  01-11-2023, 4:51

    Re: Re:PS26U - Audio compression - Ratio

    The audio of this show was born with a problem.

    The main camera sound came from the mixer console, and the support camera sound came from the microphone itself.

    However, the console sound burst into the main camera.

    For this reason, in editing, the sounds of the two cameras were mixed, and what prevailed most was the support camera, leaving the main camera at a very low volume, just to compose the general volume.

    In my attempt to improve the sound, I decided to use the PS26U's audio features.

    First I equalized, boosting high mids and highs, and cutting frequencies below 40Hz, as I didn't care to hear it. It was more noise than sound.

    Then I opened the compressor, in order to raise the overall gain, limit a threshold of around -1dB and apply a moderate ratio.

    That's when I realized that the ratio adjustment wasn't how I'm used to seeing it (2:1 ; 4:1 ; 8:1 ; etc), but with numbers from 1 to 100. That's when I decided to ask on the Forum, to see if anyone would know what a 2:1 ratio would be.

    I ended up setting number 2.

    Considering the sound I had before, I thought the result was good.

    It's already been done, but if anyone knows how to elucidate the PS26U's audio compressor ratio, I'd appreciate it.


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