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Video quality degrades after rendering

  •  04-27-2022, 0:39

    Video quality degrades after rendering

    I have an MP4 which has a bitrate of 6000Kbps which I captured from streaming TV (Spectrum to be exact) using Streamlabs 1.7.0. After I edit, I use the same bitrate, but after rendering the video is blurry, like a Hi-8 video. These screenshots show my settings, video after rendering (the one with subtitles) and after rendering (withot subtitles). I even tried rendering as uncompressed AVI and it's every bit as bad, plus the disadvantage of a larger filesize associated with AVI.

    The "insert picture" option isn't working, and I can only attach one file at a time. If I attach another one, it replaces the previous.

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