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Re: Meta Data

  •  04-16-2022, 5:58

    Re: Meta Data


    Thank you very much for that information. As a result of which I can tell you that I'm already almost there as my editing PC not only has Studio 23 but also Studio 14 which I used extensively and still fiind useful. Some functions were better in 14 especially in transisitons than 23. Also I have always used firewire to capture. So I'll have a go at that. I would only, in theory, need to capture one frame to get the meta data for that clip. 

    Now, here's the next bit: I think right click on the clip in 14 will show its properties which is the meta data. If I take a snapshot of a frame and export that I guess I could view the meta data in Exif Tools or some other utility.

    I've never seriously considered usingeta data before but I have a video I'm editing and need to know the exact date it was shot. I'll play with this later today

    Best regards



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