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Meta Data

  •  04-15-2022, 18:58

    Meta Data

    Hi All

    Does anyone remember how, or if it's even possible to, retrieve the meta data from video on mini DV tape. I'm assuming that there would be, at least, some meta data recorded by the camcorder. I realise that it's down to the manufacturer of the camera to determine which, if any, meta data should be recorded. When importing mini digital video into PS, it is Studio that applies it's own meta data to the file imported as .mpg. As an example, the mata data applied to the imported file gives the date of the import action, not the date the footed was shot.

    I've seen various programs such as exif tool that claim to be able to do it. But it can't because it cannot interrogate the tape directly. It looks to me as if there needs to be a capture/import program that retains the tape meta data and not apply it's own.


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