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Re: February 6, 2022

  •  02-09-2022, 15:39

    Re: February 6, 2022


    Now that Jeff rattled your cage, (thank you Jeff), what ya been up to all these years?  Are you a great grandpa yet?  

     Great grandpa!!!!  I hope not.  But my grandsons are almost as tall as me.  The 14 year old can fit in my shoes.  

     Retired a few years ago and never looked back!    So, yes, I have just joined the Septuagenarian Club but I still feel young at heart.  Haven't been doing much video during Covid, and have been focusing more on photography, and managing my catalog of photos that number about 250k. I'm also active on public forums teaching folk how to use Photoshop Elements.  ISTR teaching you how to brighten one of your daughter's sweet sixteen or high school graduation photos.  It's hard to believe they are 24.  I'm sure you were a late bloomer.  So you must be really old. Stick out tongue

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