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Re: February 6, 2022

  •  02-08-2022, 17:58

    Re: February 6, 2022


    My girls, well one of my girls, is bugging me to get the 100’s of hours vhs video I have of them put into digital. Kind of what brought me here, looking to see what the latest and greatest devices are out there these day to start transferring all that tape.  Something that will hook up to a Mac.  
    I already asked if studio was made for Mac yet and got a resounding “NO”. Bummer. 
    Any suggestions?

    You are a (gulp)  . . . . sexagenarian if you're >60 and <70.

    Amazon has a number of devices for transferring tapes to digital. Give that job to your daughter. A few hours of doing that and the shine will wear off in a hurry. She'll see how much of those 100's of hours are probably not worth saving.

    That's what got me started with Studio 9 back in 2004. My brother had taken the 8mm film my father had shot over the years and put it on a VHS tape. I used S9 to digitize it and make a dvd. During the learning process I realized how poor the quality was of VHS so I had another service re-do the film straight to uncompressed AVI files. Huge difference in quality but, of course, you have to work with what you have.

    As far as video editors, I have no clue what to recommend for Macs. 


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