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Re: Export to Blu Ray Exporting Fames Issues

  •  01-27-2022, 14:25

    Re: Export to Blu Ray Exporting Fames Issues

    What format did you use to build the project (mp4, m2ts and so on)?  It would be worth checking the original file or files with MediaInfo, and playing them back with a video player in case there is a glitch in the original. 

    Is that really 10 to 30,000 frames - which is quite a big range - or 10,000 to 30,000 frames?  

     Have you detected all the scenes or are you working with just one overall video?  The former might help you locate where the problem lies, if you have not already done that. 

    Does it seem to keep stopping at around the same frame each time?  Is it freezing with the wheel going round or simply doing nothing, ie literally freezing?  If the former, I would try leaving it longer just in case there is some other processing going on that is temporarily slowing up the export process.

    It may be that there is something part way along the Timeline that it doesn't like much, but only objects to during Export.  It so it might be worth the time spent playing it back from the Timeline in Edit mode to see if it stops at the same point, or see if there is anything that looks like a problem in the video or sound track. 

    Next thing for me would be to rebuild the movie again in the Timeline using the first group of scenes, then check that part for Export to a video image (no need to burn a disc as you said in your post that it affects both).  If that works OK, then add more scenes until either you narrow down where the problem occurs, or get to the end of the video.  

     If any of the above helps you to locate a problem in an individual frame or group of frames, then you can delete them from the project and try again. 

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