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Synch OK in Project, Synch goes bad in Export [Solved]

  •  01-17-2022, 12:33

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    Synch OK in Project, Synch goes bad in Export [Solved]

    I have a 20-minute interview shot in 1080/60p AVCHD. 

    The audio was recorded externally on a DR-40 with lapel mic (outdoor location, camera audio too much outdoor noise).

    With effort, I manually fixed all the synch drift by comparing waveforms.

    The resulting Studio project is now correctly synched.

    But when I export it to H264/AVC 1080p, the synch is lost. About halfway through the export, subject's mouth no longer matches audio. 

    Can't seem to fix it.

    The video is 60 fps and Studio export is apparently 29.97. Is that the issue? 

     Other ideas?





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