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Re: PS24 Ult and 5.1 PCM Sound Problem

  •  01-07-2022, 8:48

    Re: PS24 Ult and 5.1 PCM Sound Problem

    Just an update on this problem, if anyone is interested.

    Having been given an attractive offer to update to Studio 25 Ultimate, I decided to buy it and give it a go at making a Blu-ray with 5.1 sound.  Nope, it fails to put all 6 channels in the correct place, just like PS24.

    While visiting my son over Christmas, I happened to notice that his version of PS21 includes Dolby Digital 5.1 burning (with the Blu-ray Authoring package) so found a copy on Ebay and bought it.  I also needed to buy the Blu-ray Authoring package again (for the third time!)  Using the exact same test file as before, the same laptop, the same Blu-ray burner and the same sound system to play the disc on, it all works as it should.  I suspect this is because Pinnacle use for this edition a licenced copy of the Dolby coding to achieve the result, and this is coded correctly whereas their coding for Linear PCM is not.  

    I have now got my money back for PS25 under the 30 day guarantee, and am awaiting the PS25 Blu-ray Authoring refund.

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